The Empire is here!

2014-01-17 13:49:55 by Doomroar

Go and watch it, amaze and bewitch yourself with the awesomeness of The Empire of Sock: Episode 3.

And before that go and immerse yourself on the prequels:

Check the official playlist here:


Go and enoy with the most awesome Hamster to ever exist.

And here you can listen to the Sondtrack of the latest video made by the great Hamster Alliance:‬

Here you can find even more greatness, being a fan of BarfQuestion pays just too damn well:


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2014-01-18 09:16:21

Yes. I say Yes to this. actually no, I say Fuck Yes to this.

Doomroar responds:

I connect spiritually with your comment!


2014-01-23 10:10:53

A whole empire dedicated to socks? Oh well, we have an empire dedicated to a song that we cannot even remember.

The Advent of Sock was a little more visceral. I wish the music stayed rustic and industrial all the way through. The happy music is too calm for what is going on.

Now I just have to watch The Empire of Sock.

Doomroar responds:

We are collecting acolytes to empower Sock even beyond!

Nothing at All by Sulek is indeed great.


2014-01-23 14:32:02

The Empire of Sock is a real step up in quality. Much more frenetic music, so much happening on screen.. my senses.. so much colour.. and vigour..

I just wish this guy would make The Castle Crashers Song story to this kind of animation, it would look fantastique.

Doomroar responds:

I know right! the chaos, the monsters, the destruction, the little jokes here and there, the conflict, the frenetic emotions, the panic, the ominous music of doom, the colors, that traditional animation that just keeps going fast and fluid, i just can't wait for Empire of Sock: Episode 3.

That would be awesome, but i know for a fact that he is full for at least the next couple of years and that is with just his own personal works, meanwhile we can use this as an opportunity to expand the WCCS world, i am sure that we can make it even more crazy a world.


2014-01-26 02:19:38

The WCCS world will grow, it's just an infant at the moment, and as bits and pieces come into our minds, it'll start tying itself together more. One day it might be an animation.

One day a character called Juandi might join the story.

Doomroar responds:

Not if i can stop it from happening! *takes shotgun and time travels back in time to kill all of Juandi's ancestors *

Uff there, no Juandi will ever be on the WCCS world.
On his place i introduce you to Sancho (no relation to any Quixote).


2014-01-27 12:48:45

Sancho, is he the one with no hands and gambles a lot? In fact I remember seeing him at the GCI (great casino incident)

Although I don't know what was great about it considering that he lost all of his money that night. That's why he lost his hands too.

I don't know how he gambles now with no hands. Maybe he plays poker using his feet.

Doomroar responds:

He has a beautiful helper that helps him with his gambles, but then she disappears as soon as they stop gambling, just to appear again when Sancho requires her services, a mysterious woman, quite charming, since Sancho started to gamble with her at his side his win rate increased 70%.


2014-01-30 21:17:42

Maybe she has a photographic memory. Or maybe she is just there to pocket half of his winnings. This theory holds credence when you consider that she doesn't want anything to do with Sancho outside of gambling.

He doesn't 'roll her dice' so to speak (euphemism for not interested sexually). She does it for him (professionally)! Her profession 'is' in being his ally.

Doomroar responds:

She is the one rolling the dices in that relationship, but the one that takes the risk is actually Sancho, however both of them win in the end.


2014-01-30 23:50:34

Maybe he doesn't want to gamble, but can't do anything about it because he has no hands. So when he says, 'I'll gamble 100,000 dollars.' He has already committed to the gamble and now can not do a thing except watch her roll the dice.

It's his sexual fetish. Gambling large amounts of money, then getting off on not being able to stop her from rolling the dice, knowing he could lose everything.

Doomroar responds:

The thrill from having his life at the hands and luck of his assistant fills Sancho with ecstasy every time he gambles, every time she reduces his life into a tool to make money, every time he feels hopeless and doomed, and every time Sancho makes a blissful face full of satisfaction that makes all the other gamblers incredible uncomfortable.


2014-01-31 00:53:19

His strange facial expressions are what cause the necessary distractions that the Mysterious Woman with No Name needs to win the money. His fetish is so strong and he has even tried to use his handless arms to try and stop her from rolling the dice, but with nothing to grip against, he can only watch helplessly as she throws the dice. His lifelong millions always at risk, always at the mercy of this crazy gambling woman.

His orgasm face really does make the rest of the participants feel uneasy.

Doomroar responds:

At some point he give up on using pants and underwear, nowadays he goes to all the gambling dens and big name casinos wearing just diapers. It so just happens that added a whole new level of excitement making his orgasm all the more pleasurable.


2014-01-31 03:11:37

A pair of diapers with a picture of dice on, also known as Dicepers.

He has shot to fame in every casino in the land. And I mean literally 'shot' to fame...

Doomroar responds:

They put him on a catapult and shot him into Fame, Fame was a talented gambler in her mid 40's with a conserved figure that makes her look younger than she really was, she had a fetish for infantilism, Sancho was perfect, right on her lustful tastes, not only was he already wearing a diaper, but he was also lacking hands, so helpless, so vulnerable, it was love at first sight.


2014-01-31 23:38:15

It was love at first sight. In fact this is the song that played when they met :

And as this song was playing, it showed a montage of them living their life together, visiting casinos, her changing his nappy, his orgasm face, running down the street together holding han.. I mean she was holding his stump.


2014-01-31 23:40:23

And when the line saying 'I never thought it would come to this.' In his mind the words are replaced by, 'I never thought I would cum to this.' As Fame rolled his dice.

Doomroar responds:

And moments before the dices were about to stop Sancho's nameless assistant interfered, Fame can start as many romances as she wants with Sancho, but no one else rolls his dices, not even Sancho rolls his own dices! no one will take her wallet away... which is really Sancho's wallet.


2014-02-01 16:22:54

Sancho would retrieve his wallet, but Sancho, has no, hands though. And spends all day cumming in his pants for, Fame. Damn man.. Sancho has no shame. He wears a nappy for when he's fapping, automatically is how his orgasmic magic happens. Hands free job, while Fame can't be stopped from rolling die, gambling his whole life savings like he is rolling his eyes into the back of his skull with a euphoric sigh.

This whole story reads like a fable, especially when she's wiping his ass at the craps table.

Doomroar responds:

The famed fable of the tamed gambler, was started to scramble all over the shambles of the most famous casinos, but lets not forget about Sancho's assistant, she was quite persistent on rolling his dice, don't get her wrong this was not a vice, her riches her money was put in advance, so without delay she gave them advice, if they were to rise as a new pair of gamblers, they will need to defeat her on all the rooms chambers.


2014-02-04 18:37:51

Fame cannot be defeated, she has a sixth sense for seeing things that are about to happen. She doesn't tell Sancho that however, she wants Sancho to never rest on his laurels, and to always get into a panic about whether they are going to lose the gamble or not. She wants it to be a mystery for him, which keeps his orgasms going strong.

It's all about the high risk thrills, and the spills, combined with Fame's skills.

Doomroar responds:

Sancho was delighted, two beautiful women were gambling it out to posses him, well... one only wanted his wallet, and the other just had a fetish with him, but that was plenty for Sancho, however he noticed something, regardless of the winner he will still come rewarded, there was no real risk for Sancho, and as soon as he realized this he understood, that even if he was at the center of the gamble, he was outside of the game, just a prize without say or participation, the feeling of being objectified made him cum buckets, it was time for a change of diaper, this was going to be good after all.

For Sancho it was all about thrills, and the spills, combined with masochism.


2014-02-05 14:13:08

He had to cum out buckets? That must have been excruciating. The buckets were inevitably filled with cum too, making them even heavier.

His masochism knows no bounds. But his hands do.

Doomroar responds:

Cumming buckets was excruciating, but nothing was compared to the pain e felt when he lost his hands, it was a great gambling night, and Sancho was out there by himself gambling it out like always, but things took a turn for the worse and Sancho found himself betting his hands, his precious hands that allowed him to make Stumpjobs the successful company that it is today, however he lost and with it he lost his hands, the trauma was so great that he developed a masochistic nature and his addiction to gambling and thrills worsened, however he was no longer able to gamble by himself, he needed an assistant, a gambling assistant, his now dependent state only helped to increase the joy of his helpless self, Sancho was now ecstatic every time his assistant rolled the dices he was at her total mercy... no, not even that, he was at the total mercy of the luck and skill of his assistant, oh he was unable to contain himself, it was time to start wearing cum diapers.


2014-02-07 01:07:37

Check this guy out, piss funny, he just eats and drinks random things :

(Trying hard to hold my laughter in)

Doomroar responds:

That was random, and just plain weird... i am more confused than anything else really.
What did i just watch? it was a man eating a deck of cards? for real? how? why?


2014-02-08 06:01:14

The man would be perfect for the Wikia. Whereas Laugh-man just laughs in the face of tragedy. This guy, Eat-man, has an iron stomach, he eats needles, gum, weapons, although I don't know why he'd need to eat playing cards or pine needles.

This was the one that made me laugh until I couldn't breathe :

Doomroar responds:

Oh now i remember, we used to have a Wikia for this once upon a time... or better said somehow one way or another we still have a Wikia, after all these years... ah the memories it was 1992 i was not even alive, and some guy called Eat-man (you know there is already a super hero called Eat-man and he seems way more baddass than what we are coming with we would have to change prospects, since Eat-man is already taken) was walking around somewhere with a condom on its pocket, hold it, there is something weird here, if i was not in existent in 1992 that means that it is impossible for me to remember any of this, thus Eat-man is just a fabrication of our collective false memories.

Crazy bastard, that. Hurt. Way. More. Than. It. Was. Needed. Goddammit. This must be what is known as vicarious pain.


2014-02-16 08:03:17

Eat-man has eaten your memories, and mine, with some fava beans and a nice botle of Chianti.. fffffFFFFFFFF.

Don't worry, the Wikia page is going nowhere, and we will be back in full throttle ready to add *cough cough* thousands of pages *cough cough*. There is no fucking space left on my *cough cough* whiteboard *cough cough*.

Doomroar responds:

Nietzlawe? Nietzlawe!!!? are you there? answer me! no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NETZLAWEEEE WHYYYY!!!!?

Oh it was just a cold? don't scare me like that i was sure that *cough cough* something *cough cough* had happened *cough cough* to yo...


2014-02-16 13:54:38

Don't worry, I'm here. Quick! Get on the back of my camel, they are after us! We need to get out of town, otherwise the coughs are going to get stronger. The atmosphere is being altered by the Schemers. It's some kind of pandemic they are orchestrating.

It was the Schemers that fired those dummy rounds, creating the raspberry jam incident. But it had been a hoax, as the Schemers have kidnapped da Writers and are holding them as hostages at the Rural Brewery. Strange place to keep hostages that's for sure, The Schemers like to wear upside-down face masks.

Doomroar responds:

It is *cough cough* too late for me... *cough* take this *but my hand is empty* it is *cough cough* the hell? where did that thing *cough* that i was going to pass you *cough cough* go? dammit *cough* it must be on the old factory *cough cough cough* hurry Mr Nietz, go and retrieve the *cough cough* retrieve the *cough* go and get the *cough* the...


2014-02-19 17:53:09

That cough sure is persistent. Needles and asbestos poisoning, was it worth us coming to this old factory? The next time we are here, we will need to bring gas masks. But that sure will hinder the conversation.

"So, how did your day go? FMFMFM"
"Yes.. FMFMFM. It went okay."
"That's nice to FMFMFM hear."

Doomroar responds:

With this cough i would say that a gasmask would probably kill me, but it seems i already die, and i am writing this from beyond.


2014-02-23 16:49:35

You are writing it from beyond the grave. In fact, you are stood just 30 yards past the graveyard on a park bench writing it. Sat there wearing a gas mask, occasionally drinking a milkshake through a straw using a sophisticated gas mask hydration system.

You didn't die, you just went missing for 12 days after suffering a coughing fit and falling unconscious. Now you don't remember anything, you're sat on the park bench trying to piece together the last remnants of memory.

Nothing has ever been the same for any of us since we visited that old abandoned warehouse that was rumoured to be the old Headquarters of TROT HQ.

Doomroar responds:

It couldn't have been the old Headquarters of TROT HQ, the place was too small, and there was a lack of big explosion holes overall.

My memory is failing me, my mind playing tricks on me, once i thought of being dead, but now i am just... well i am lost, where is this graveyard anyway!!!

Oh my coughing is gone!


2014-02-23 18:14:05

Your coughing is gone, and your coffin is gone as well.

That must be why you are at the graveyard, to retrieve the coffin, that YDWBI (you definitely weren't buried in).

This mystery just thickened...

Doomroar responds:

So then... who is inside that coffin!?


2014-02-23 21:36:06

Well, this coffin in particular was unearthed from a gravestone in which the epitaph read:


My work on Earth was never finished
And I'd just like to say, that my death was a ruse

So you digged deeper, spadeful after spadeful of dirt to get to the truth. Seven feet later, you reached the coffin. Breathing heavily, you winched it out of the hole and onto solid ground. Using a claw chisel, you began to pick at the wood, piercing the thin gaps, loosening the nails, until the lid could be pulled off.

You looked inside, expecting to see the corpse of a man.. a man named Martin Demise. But inside was not a corpse, instead there was a parcel, on the front written in ink it simply read:


You picked it up, tearing at the sticky tape before finally opening the lid...

Inside was a film script, an unfinished script entitled Which Castle Crashers Song?

PON PON PON PA POM DA POMMM PONNNNN PONNNNNNNNNNN! *heavy timpani and crashing cymbals*

Doomroar responds:

I rushed to the nearest cinema, and locked myself in the projection room, but no luck as expected of Martin Demise, the tape was unfinished, the film ended after a minute and a half of starting the movie, indeed the introduction and tittle was longer than the actual thing.

However! that minute was more than enough time to allow that Castle Crashers Song to inundate the whole cinema and spread further, to the next block, and even beyond covering the whole city, and more. It was not even the whole song, the thing just played for a mere 3 seconds, and the rest of the minute and a half movie were beyond the scene scenes of Martin firing up people.


2014-02-24 03:24:17

Footage of Martin throwing chairs around the set, getting really pissed off with his cast.

But more importantly, Martin Demise was alive and roaming the Earth as we speak.. possibly roaming Rome, building the whole place up in a day.

A Midget Called Tom wont be happy that his apple cider vinegar murder attempt failed. It seems that while Martin Demise's wounds were being mercilessly attacked with apple cider vinegar coated sponges, he sneakily managed to feed some kind of body shutdown pills into his mouth, which made him appear dead. His corpse was placed inside an open coffin.

The next day, the effect of the pills wore off and he woke up, climbed out of the box and left a parcel inside the coffin. A parcel addressed to Tom. The parcel contained several things actually, not to mention a death threat.

On the day of the funeral, the organisers came to sort the coffin out, but panicked when they arrived after seeing that Martin Demise was no longer lying inside. For fear of disappointing and scaring everyone, they quickly nailed a lid on to the coffin so that nobody would know that Martin wasn't inside. The coffin itself was rather heavy anyway, so nobody would notice that it was lighter to carry, now that Martin wasn't inside.

A Midget Called Tom attended the funeral actually, and pretended to be deeply upset about the untimely demise of Martin, but behind those tears was nothing less than evil laughter. But A Midget Called Tom was unaware that Martin was not in the coffin, he was stood 30 yards away from his own funeral, peeping from behind a tree, watching A Midget Called Tom with intent, then uttered a single line...

"You'll rue the day you ever crossed my path, Thomas."

Then he climbed into a black car with tinted windows and drove off.

(Updated ) Doomroar responds:

He quieted halfway so Rome has yet the be build in one day, is not that he really wanted to quit, but he had to attend his own funeral.

One of the worst things that anyone could do is to get Martin as their enemy, but there was something Martin didn't knew, that day on his own funeral all his 3 sisters were reunited! but Martin was too focused on a Midget called Tom to even notice them.

However Tom had to personally attend to the 3 sisters and explain, confess himself as the killer of their brother.

Will Martin get his revenge on Tom? will he ever meet his sisters? will he ever finish a movie? the answer to this and more in the next episode of... *FFFSSHH* We interrupt this transmission to inform you that a half-assed build Rome has been destroyed by an angry mob! the whole place is in chaos!


2014-02-24 16:30:33

questo è il telegiornale della sera! Roma è in fiamme! Ripeto! Ripeto! Roma è in fiamme!

As of yet, there are no leads on what caused 8,000 Italians citizens to go ballistic on the streets of Rome. But we are getting confirmed reports of a strange hailstone that came down shortly before the riots. People reported cars being lifted from the ground, and having to take cover from what are believed to be.. get this Dave... Magnetic Hypodermic Needles. Have you ever seen anything like this Susan?

Never, Dave. This is terrifying. Are we dealing with terrorists?! What has caused this angry mob to take to the streets like this and start destroying buildings and cars? There have been reported killings too. This is terrible Dav...

I'm sorry Susan, I have to interrupt you. We're getting more reports, there has just been three huge explosions. What the hell is going on Sue? This is crazy, Italy has never seen anything like this, the streets are in chaos. We'll go to an eyewitness account.


.. "I'm sorry, we're going to have to cut you off there. We have to have a short advertisement break, but we'll be right back with these shocking events that have rocked Rome." *High pitched noises* "I'm sssorr.. whas-going-oonnn?!?! PPFFHTT NOOO...." *Sounds of more explosions.

The news channel broadcast cuts off and is quickly replaced by grainy black and white footage of a man in a suit. He announces himself.. "Don't panic. Everything is under control." The message began to loop. "Don't panic. Everything is under control." *Beep* "Don't panic. Everything is under control."

On his tie, there was a small metalic pin badge with the initials SDMDT.

"Do not panic. We are issuing gas masks. Keep calm. There has been an incident. A cataclysmic incident. Some people have been compromised. I repeat, some people have been compromised. I repeat.. I" *Hiss and crackle..

Doomroar responds:

After some good 3 hours of panic Rome was entirely decimated, a handful of groups made out of survivors and gas mask distributors roamed the ruined streets, on the survivor's demeanor only despair and negativity could be seen, for these people their only hope was lying with the mysterious figure with the SDMDT badge, if something or someone could motivate them to keep on living was that person, slowly the Roman survivors started to see on that figure being shown on the TVs not only hope, but also an ideal, a messiah, a savior.

"Do not panic. We are issuing gas masks. Keep calm. Do not panic. We are issuing gas masks. Keep calm." This message started to continuously play in the background, at a monotonous tune, with an hypnotic voice, with their senses reduced thanks to the gas mask and the never ending message preaching order, the people of Rome started to believe that as a fact there was no real reason to panic, but there was something strange, moments before the message spoke of some people being compromised, some important enough people that there was a need for the populace to be informed of their situation, the Romans didn't really care, their home was destroyed, their families dead, in just moments their lives were leveled, the only thing they had were those gas masks, whoever possessions they had at the moment, and hope for the man on the TV to give them a better tomorrow, so who could possibly be so important? whose life could be as important as a whole city!?

But what exactly happened? believe it or not the annihilation of Rome was really of no relevancy or significance, indeed Rome just happened to have the bad luck of suffering an abnormal rate of the needle downpour, however at that moment something way more important was occurring with the world, while the entire planet was being plummeted by a rain of needles, History was moving at TROT HQ, it was a crucial day The UBA was getting short on time to finish his ultimate gum, Laug-hman and Terrance wouldn't take long to storm his lab and take everything away from him, he had to risk it, there was no going back from this, with haste The UBA activated the lab's Photo-nuclear reactor, a power surge, then giant laser was fired directly into the UBA's latest creation, the whole thing generated and consumed so much energy that a blackout covered the entirety of TROT HQ.

However to everyone's bad luck at that exact moment Consomme Sayasaki was working on his star project, to spread Hypodermic Needles across the world, it was a plan he had plotted for decades, if successful his company RIOT would be able to enter the echelons of economic dominance, even to the point of being able to compete with TROT, nothing could go wrong, and yet an anomaly on energy got into his way, "something" occurred, and TROT HQ was suspended levitating in mid air, suddenly the precious Hypodermic Needles of Some Say started to multiply as if alive, and then... they disappeared, in that instant the whole of TROT HQ started to be affected by the forces of gravity, everything gained weight and started to fall once again, the massive magnitude of the whole of TROT HQ helped to generate an absurd acceleration, a giant city was engulfed in flames as it started to fall and be in a collision course with earth. Inside The UBA was speechless whatever was happening was outside of all his predictions! and in that moment Laug-hman and Terrance stormed into the lab "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!" screamed Terrance, however no real sound was heard, the noise generate from the enormous TROT HQ's falling and burning was deafening and silenced all sound.

Simon da Motivator da Second could only see in awe what his monitor was showing him, what he once thought was going to be just a day in which he was complaining about Laughman not accepting him was rapidly becoming a key point on earths history, this could mean the end of TROT HQ! without losing time he contacted his brothers, whatever happened here they all have to prepare to react to the following events, it was weird this was his first time communicating directly with his Third brother after all this time, and it was for such and under such a circumstance,"but it can't be helped such a thing only happens once" said Simon with determination, however he opted to call Simon da Motivator da First first.

Karl, didn't knew what to think, this was too much for him to take, Laugh-man was entirely out of his control, and chances are that everything inside TROT HQ would end dying, recovering AWTDKY was beyond the point now, Karl had to think fast, there surely must be a way for him to convince Bald-man about how him stealing from the armory, and then getting AWTDKY taken from him by The UBA, ended somehow in the destruction of TROT, But even if Karl knew this his mind was clogged by the unbelieving sight appearing on his control panel screen, he could only be glad that he was far away from TROT HQ.

The worse had happened, it was incredible, but Sniper Guy was not panicking, he was a professional, and Laugh-man had already imparted orders to him, in case that the impossible happened, he was to contact Simon da Motivator da Third and tell him to mobilize accordingly, Simon would know what to do if Sniper Guy mentioned Daniel Ger as his boss, with no time to waste Sniper Guy grabbed the communicator and called Simon, Karl was so lost trying to think of a favorable excuse for Bald-man and by watching the impossible to unfold in front of him that he didn't even noticed Sniper Guy talking with Simon.

TROT HQ continued falling at a exorbitant speed, just seconds had passed since the enormous thing started to fall back, and yet the whole thing had still some relative distance left before colliding, just how far away was TROT HQ initially send?TROT HQ was free falling, micro gravity affected the whole structure, inside of TROT HQ was like being in space, people screamed without hearing its surroundings, floating around in fear and confusion, but of all the inhabitants of TROT the one which mind was more troubled was Some Say, his life's work was gone, would he ever see his precious Hypodermic Needles again? what would happen to his company? will RIOT end just like that, before even making any real move? and will he die? was this the end of it all? of course not, Some Say was an elite member of TROT HQ, he was to come out of this, with resolve he started grabbing onto walls and floated into an emergency room searching for a launch pad to make his escape, while texting to RIOT, informing them about his failure spreading the Hypodermic Needles, about the imminent destruction of TROT, and his most likely death, it was not his style, but chances were that he would die right there along with TROT, so someone else would need to take care of RIOT, if anything this last message was to choose a successor, nevertheless Some Say was decided to survive this, his textl was just a display of his prudence, after all he was an elite of the mighty TROT, really the impossible was happening, he had to keep calm and find a way out, in that very instant a text from Terrance arrived to Some Say, what he read made everything clear, truly he could not ignore this, his life and future were there, "indebted to Terrance to the very end" - Thought Some Say.

A horrifying crunch that sounded like a roar could be heard, TROT HQ was about to impact with the earth... and then...

(Some Hours after the Needle rain - Rome)
"There has been an incident. A cataclysmic incident. Some people have been compromised" at that moment the message changed and what was heard struck a new level of shock to the populace of not only Rome, but the entire world, the first time this part of the message was heard an interruption occurred, but it could be because it was seem that the public was not ready for such news, what came after revolutionized the world:

"Today Laugh-man real name Daniel Ger, Terrance, and the whole of TROT... have cease to exist in this world, no survivors have been found, a cataclysmic incident. A cataclysmic incident" the transmission glitched, and a second rain of needles covered Rome.


2014-03-02 06:43:47

@Nietzlawe (I will continue the message here the last part doesn't seems good enough i was limited by characters, and i was unable to mention the status of Laugh-man as The greatest Detective of the world, or Terrance as the almighty ruler of TROT, plus the whole message seems rushed, not the way such news would be told at all, i would like to wrote that part in a better way, but i think for now i will leave it like that.)