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What the hell man? that poor Mole wife.

Are you really trying to make me feel bad for killing all those demons in Doom?

Caillou has not aged well, i guess that what never growing any hair does to people.

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Psychologically torturing that fictional character was so much fun, man i am a horrible person, and i love it!

A reset command would come in handy for when you drop off the level

CyanSandwich responds:

There shouldn't be any point where you actually fall into the abyss. Try jumping back on screen

I died on the first night, and lasted 1 day.

I tried you, does that mean i beat the game?

BrandyBuizel responds:

If you die during the transition into day it will count the night as survived. If somehow you manage to die on the first night it WILL say "0 days"

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Had to double check that WHAT!? DMX just adds flavor to things.

Quarl responds:

Lol, DMX flavor.

Dammit i think i left this song on loop for an hour, and i still don't get tired from it, great job man!

Oh man we got lucky the tracks you made with other users remained, however my play list is now quite short, and i am so salty about it.

Oh well this is an oportunity to listen to all your stuff, and so i demand, in a really pompous and impertinent manner, for you to re upload all your tracks, not just the ones that you think were good enough or polished enough, because i did enjoy some of the tracks held in not so high regard, so if they don't get upload i will be (like the kids say nowadays) BibleThump into a babyrage.

nietzlawe responds:

Your pomp and circumstance shall be rewarded in earnest my friend.

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You know i was cool with everything until the caramelized fish heads appeared, that's when i knew that things were very wrong at that town.

nashotobi responds:

you just never had them :P

Oh man thanks, didn't knew i was growing a nail on my nose!

HAHAHAHAHA congratulations on successfully sneaking that A+

Well clearly i don't appreciate my time enough, with me being here, writing this, but the same goes for you reading this waste of time, aren't we quite the unoccupied fellows? Procrastination sure is something....

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