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Posted by Doomroar - August 30th, 2015



Posted by Doomroar - January 6th, 2015

With the expectations lowered, and all the cards on the table, there's no excuse to say anything as far as a fan and a consumer of this franchise goes, the question still remains how much of the old Bionicle this new has, and where it may go? only lego knows.

Well at least there's no more Hero Factory, sorry kids, but you are actually getting an upgrade even if is simpler than the original.

Posted by Doomroar - December 20th, 2014

Well as i predicted the Parasyte anime is not really all that good, but it seems that the same goes for the movie... and then we have the comeback of Digimon, that thing looks so moe, I really don’t want to even think what they may even give us, so from now on I will stop having expectations for these kind of things.

On the other hand Lego’s Bionicle will return to the line of production, however unlike the previous examples this sequel (that is actually not a sequel) seems to deliver, and the reviews of the final product are promising, with some flaws here and there, will I buy them? I actually plan to buy them, it seems that lately the market is trying to resell me my childhood, or at least a watered down bastardized version of my childhood, however I have to admit that Lego is actually doing a decent job at this scheme.

Also Psycho-pass season 2 just ended, if you didn’t liked it you probably didn’t understand what the series was about (that includes the first part), it doesn’t matter how infuriating the character known as Mika was, that is no reason enough, her role is that of a dog of the system, and that kind of people are like her, all in all Psycho-pass is slowly managing to rise in quality, by actually solving and addressing all the flaws that the Sibyl System has, the next movie will try to address how the system manages foreign elements invading it, so far the Sibyl System has been isolated from the outside world, and now it will interact with it, something that the current Sibyl can’t do.


The World is Mine has been successfully translated to English, if you ever wanted to read a Japanese Comic, better known as Manga, this is one of the epitomes of the medium, I myself haven’t finished reading it, but this thing is both a classic and a gem.


No Bakabt link yet, but you can get the whole thing on the link above ^

Posted by Doomroar - October 23rd, 2014

Ok an update here, i don't want to make a new post, but this has to be mentioned, the gift that keeps on giving known as the ever awesome BarfQuestion has realeased Empire of Sock 3, stop all your plans and go watch it: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648036

If this is your first time encountering this awesomeness then go here to the official play list: http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/1196945bfd3212007a84532aae34f726

And if you are already converted, the hell are you doing here!? you are missing on even more awesomeness back at Barf's blog! http://barfquestion.newgrounds.com/news/post/910477

Alragith back to the most helpful video on the internet, mostly because it is accessible to the general public. And talking about accesible thanks to Neverhundred here's an useful link with a list fallacies: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/rhetological-fallacies/

And here are the individual videos for easy use:


This one is actually a mixture of appealing to an inappropriate authority (someone has authority but in the wrong field), and inversed Authority Fallacy (what someone said is disregarded because that person has no authority, even if what it said was true, like for example it has the research at hand, even if the person itself was not involved in the research), now the actual Authority Fallacy: is saying that something is true because this person of authority in the actual field says so.






Now if you somehow ignore all he said just because of the end when he talks about gamergate, then that is an Ad Hominem Fallacy, as for the guy himself he is indulging in a fallacy of composition, he generalises a whole movement because parts of it (regardless of how big they may be) are toxic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallacy_of_composition. , however that doesn't means that he is against the ideals that gamergate protest against, like transparency on journalism or ending sexism, assuming that would be a Black & White fallacy.

I will update this post if more videos are made, like one for composition.

And here's a link with the rules for a critical discussion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pragma-dialectics#Rules_for_a_critical_discussion

Posted by Doomroar - October 19th, 2014

2454237_141377245192_164theydontcallhimthegodofmangafornothing.jpgFrom Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka.

So now you know, if you ever feel lost in life...

I am feeling lazy so instead of making a new post i will update this one, with these 2 brand new scientific discoveries, which are actually fucking damn obvious but well... you know how the world is, maybe someone will surprise itself when they read that:

Fish can play, have emotions, motivations, and intellect... just like any other animal in the world: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141020121406.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28Latest+Science+News+--+ScienceDaily%29  So next time you find a wannabe vegan saying that fish is ok, just pass them the link, also tell them that we kill to eat and that there's nothing wrong with that, food is food.

This one is for all of you old farts out there, the whippersnappers of the digital era, are actually not better at using technology, teens are still stupid, and whether one is good at using tech is completely dependent on the time invested on learning how to use and the interest towards learning how to use it: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141020104938.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28Latest+Science+News+--+ScienceDaily%29  So pat your wrinkled filled back and be happy, you can still get ahead of them.

This one is mostly for laughs: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141020105323.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28Latest+Science+News+--+ScienceDaily%29  Yeah... "groundbreaking" news, it so happens that our ideals of beuty are imaginary constructs made by society... that team could have used a historian, a philosopher or a sociologist and came within minutes with the same result. These guys better win an Ig Nobel prize for real.

And now for the fatties and weak willed, ever wonder why the fast food industry treats you like their bitch? well wonder no more: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141020111255.htm?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sciencedaily+%28Latest+Science+News+--+ScienceDaily%29  So you are hardwired to like calories, but is trhough experience that your brain learns where all that fat is supposed to be. Who should you blame? yourself in one hand of course, and your enverionment in the other, without the options your brain would have never learned what a delicious hamburger is supposed to be.

Posted by Doomroar - September 21st, 2014

It was short-lived just a couple years, but in that time i managed to bring some good 45 artist into the portal, and somehow i was under the impression that they were 50, anyway today i got notified by M-bot, and lost my scouting privileges, but i am still allowed into the art portal, i have no idea why this happened, but i will not question it.

On this couple of years all the artists that i got to scout were already incredibly good, and would, without a doubt, been scouted regardless (or so i think), or otherwise have some incredible amount of potential and with just some more uploads and time would have gotten themselves scouted by someone else.


So as far as new artist go nothing really changes, nothing at all, but what about the old ones?

When i got scouted i decided to go on an adventure and check the unscouted section chronologically, and managed to arrive halfway to the end, finding myself with unscouted artist from 2009, but at that point it is just nonsense to hope someone to still go and check their profile for an scouting notification, so when i started classes i decided to put that quest on hold, "they have been unscouted for years, waiting some months wouldn't make any difference right?" i said to myself.

Well that didn't worked as planned XD, haha oh well, those users are mostly no longer active here, and is understandable, i actually got in contact with some of them and they all have different reasons for not being using NG as an art outlet, however i do believe that if they ever try to give it a go in the NG of today, they will get themselves a good barrage of scouters behind them, and more importantly some good user exposure on the Art Portal.

And what about the rest? well, you all are great, just keep uploading and eventually you will get scouted.

My last scout was Themightycaolf his art is greatly promising, and at times i already consider him to be there on the "you can't really advice nothing else" zone, if anything he has the obnoxious problem of having all his uploads looking sideways, but that doesn't impedes you from noticing that the guy is good at that thing known as drawing.

Well with nothing else more to say, it was a good ride, i can still check the unscouted portal, so i will be making recommendations if necessary.

Posted by Doomroar - July 25th, 2014

So i did a post entitled "Best month of the year, for different reasons." and just as i resigned to think that life couldn't really get better than that... Jared Africa decided to show his still alive face, and then recently this happened:


Apparently the greatest manga that i ever read Parasyte is getting a live action movie, and i know those normally end being an insult to their adaptations, but look at that video is gorgeous!

Here's the translation of what the narrator is saying (Courtesy of Anime News Network):

"If half of the human race would disappear, would the amount of forests burned also be halved? If the human race was decreased to one-hundredth, would the amount of trash produced do the same? Someone on the earth thought this for just a moment."

It will be released in 2 parts the 1st part will be this November 25 2014 and then the second part in 2015.

Parasyte is a 1995 manga, that ask about the role that we humans serve on this planet, mixed with some wonderfully executed Sci-Fi horror elements, and plenty of violence and carnage, one of the best things to ever be produced on Japan and now is getting a movie adaptation, Tokyo Tribe another great manga and anime is also getting a live action adaptation.

Now about the anime of Parasyte... well it is going to be trash so why should i mention it?

Posted by Doomroar - May 21st, 2014

UPDATE!: We got another brand new chapter of Berserk! talk about surreal! man maybe i died sometime around april and i didn't noticed...

Ok so you may wonder who the hell is that?

Jared Africa also known here as conundrummer is an awesome artist, and his paintings/drawings have go around the internet mostly uncredited but if you know who is behind them then there is no way for you to don't know that they are made by him. http://conundrummer.newgrounds.com/


Here you can see an image that pretty much will give you an idea of what he can do, so now we know that he is still around.

Here i will leave other pages where you can see more of his work:







So why is this guy being alive important? other than his characteristic art style?

Well because before i even decided to make an account, this guy was one of the reasons for me to actually appreciate art in the internets, before him i had a really poor opinion of internet art submissions, and then years passed and i found or better said paid attention to NGs art portal, and lo and behold he was also here! by that point in time i had already made an account, but i don't really know what was first if me searching the art portal for something, or me finding him on the art portal and acknowledging the place as a legitimate web for art, i don't want to belittle Newgrounds but i have this strong impression that it was him the one that made me actually recognize the art portal as something worthy of the time spend browsing, hence i me making this post.

And with this said, i will return to the scouting portal i was last time i checked on page 720 out of 2243, when i was most active i was able to review 100 pages per day, so catching up shouldn’t be problem specially now that we have 2 pages merged into 1, so who knows we may discover another hidden talent.

Posted by Doomroar - April 29th, 2014

So far this month has proven itself to be quite the remarkable moment of the year, and i am not talking about Pico Day, indeed this has little to nothing to do with NG actually, i am making this post just to spread the word.

Just on this month we got a new Chapter of Berserk, The Boondocks 4th season started airing, and Yoshihiro Togashi author of Hunter x Hunter announced that he will start working again on HxH, since he doesn't wants the anime to catch up with the manga, these 3 things alone are somehow miracle like in their nature, to have them all happening at the same time is unthinkable, i myself think that this is too good to be true, the Matrix must be glitching.


HD image: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/9b8196635efe83c4ebec6e1dd9264da8


HD image: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/draw/9baa8f30ec1328e3e6325d29859cf487

But it doesn't ends there, no sir, Kwel and  his gorup Hi Wa Mata Noboru actually managed to finish the translation of the awesome manga Doubutsu no Kuni and you can get the whole thing here:



Batoto http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/doubutsu-no-kuni-r3079

If you ask me what is Animal Kingdom (Doubutsu no Kuni) about? i would have to say, is a manga about life, action-survival-horror manga, with enough tragedy and drama to make you cry until you dehydrate, and it also has silly and funny moments to get you some laugh and emotional rest, after all it is a manga by the great Makoto Raiku the author of Zatch Bell another great series (and this one actually has an anime). The ending of Doubutsu no Kuni, was incredibly satisfying and complete, not even a hole was left open, and this doesn’t means that things don’t continue beyond the ending, after all there was still plenty to be done in the world of Doubutsu no Kuni, however the main issues were solved, even my only complaint with the series is dwarfed because it was a needed event, with this my top 5 manga of all time changes with Doubutsu no Kuni earning itself a 4th place above Lone Wolf and Cub, and below The World is Mine, now The World is Mine has yet to have its final 4 volumes translated, and its ending may put it on the zenith of the list. This means that Heaven's Door will now hold an honorable spot, because its surrealism is worth that and more, in essence you could say that my 5 top has now become a 6 top.


As if this was not enough Hox in collaboration with HappyScans! just finished the classical manga Tomorrow's Joe, this is a gem of comics, for the English speaking world to get it this late is actually quite unbelievable, so make sure to go and give it a read, it is truly a fine example of what manga can do, i won't talk about it here since Hox already wrote a fine post about it, along with some history for all of you that may have an interest, if you like his post make sure to check the rest, the guy and his page have some outstanding things that are worth reading:


Even if you are not planning into reading Tomorrow's Joe, for whatever reason it may be, i encourage you to go and read Hox's post, it is something else, the information that he gives is an eye opener, from an historic perspective and it also puts the whole thing in context and makes it even more incredible, i really can't stress enough how good that post is, if you like manga go and read that post, if you don't like manga or don't know very well what it is about, go and read that post, if you are just curious about that culture in general go read that post, if you don't like manga at all but are curious to know why i would make a post about someone else’s post then go and read that post, is really that good.

Lastly here is an old and really short but incredible good manga that i want to share with you:


"3, Street of Misteries" explores the fantastical-poetic vein that has forged Mizuki's reputation in Japan. The stories contained in this series hold in common the obsessive ideas of immortality and of life after death. Skillfully blending a range of black humor, drama, and questions of morality, Mizuki shows once more his profound understanding of the human soul.

(paraphrased from Astiberri, and taken from manga updates) you can find the whole thing on Happyscans! page:








Funny enough in the 1st link you can also find this: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=66643 "Under the Air" so give that one a read, it will show you a side of the God of Manga Ozamu Tezuka that you may not know, don't know who Osamu Tezuka is? do you know who Stan Lee and Walt Disney are? well Osamu Tezuka is the combination of both plus even more, he was famous mostly for his work which was oriented mostly towards young audiences, but you don't get a title like the God of manga just for that, his influence, importance, and role in history, plus his talent and diversification make for just part of the reasons behind his alias, and now by reading "Under the Air" you will get to see a side of him that is not known by many, if this is your first encounter with this author then lucky you! Because you get to approach him from such a side, if is not, then also lucky you for you get to know a side of him that may be new to you.

We actually have a couple of days (counting this one) before this month ends, but i already am satisfied and impressed, i really doubt that more unlikely things could happen in these 2 days, but who knows? i mean we did get some Berserk.

Lastly (again) make sure to go and read Mr Nietzlawe’s latest literary work, “The Opus” is a story about revolution, confabulation, and giving your life some purpose:





Now The Opus has something crucial that makes it different to all the other things that I am recommending in this post, for starters it is not a manga, but a traditional text (as far as digital media could go for “traditional”), second it actually is still in progress, meaning that unlike all the other works here The Opus hasn't finished, however what makes this one so fitting to be mentioned is that to get such an orderly, systematic and periodic text from Nietzlawe is truly a stuff that deserves to be described as an unlikely surprise, it is even divided in parts!!!!.

Posted by Doomroar - April 1st, 2014

Well and the trailer is out, as you may know by now, the series creator Aaron McGruder will not be involved with the creation of this season, which among other things will also be the last Boondocks season, so it was a good ride.

Second Trailer:


What will Aaron McGruder do now? after leaving a comic series behind unattended for who knows how many years now, and separating himself from its animated adaptation, and after coming out of a failed unreleased Uncle Ruckus live action movie, it seems that Mr Aaron will be venturing into a live action production called Black Jesus, you may know the character already, but is he enough to replace the big hole that the Boondocks will leave?

BTW this is the song (NSFW version, fuck censorship):  Big Beast by Killer Mike


"R.A.P. Music" was indeed one beastly album. Now if he could go on with some alive politicians just like he did with Reagan, you may start seeing my favorite rapper, with that said, that one track was damn awesome.

And here is the Reagan music video also NSFW this one may get you fired, fuck political censorship: