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Most helpful video on the internet so far.

Posted by Doomroar - October 23rd, 2014

Ok an update here, i don't want to make a new post, but this has to be mentioned, the gift that keeps on giving known as the ever awesome BarfQuestion has realeased Empire of Sock 3, stop all your plans and go watch it: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648036

If this is your first time encountering this awesomeness then go here to the official play list: http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/1196945bfd3212007a84532aae34f726

And if you are already converted, the hell are you doing here!? you are missing on even more awesomeness back at Barf's blog! http://barfquestion.newgrounds.com/news/post/910477

Alragith back to the most helpful video on the internet, mostly because it is accessible to the general public. And talking about accesible thanks to Neverhundred here's an useful link with a list fallacies: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/rhetological-fallacies/

And here are the individual videos for easy use:


This one is actually a mixture of appealing to an inappropriate authority (someone has authority but in the wrong field), and inversed Authority Fallacy (what someone said is disregarded because that person has no authority, even if what it said was true, like for example it has the research at hand, even if the person itself was not involved in the research), now the actual Authority Fallacy: is saying that something is true because this person of authority in the actual field says so.






Now if you somehow ignore all he said just because of the end when he talks about gamergate, then that is an Ad Hominem Fallacy, as for the guy himself he is indulging in a fallacy of composition, he generalises a whole movement because parts of it (regardless of how big they may be) are toxic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallacy_of_composition. , however that doesn't means that he is against the ideals that gamergate protest against, like transparency on journalism or ending sexism, assuming that would be a Black & White fallacy.

I will update this post if more videos are made, like one for composition.

And here's a link with the rules for a critical discussion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pragma-dialectics#Rules_for_a_critical_discussion

Comments (34)

there's a metric sh*ton of them...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies

I recommend everyone reads and fully understands every single one of them, before attempting to argue on the internet...

They will not do that, that's why these videos are so good, because they are accessible, simple and to the point.
But yeah i agree knowing your fallacies should be a must before you start to argue, well just knowing all the fallacies most of them which are subcategories would be quite a feat in itself.

Damn strawmens... Anywho whats gamergate?

Gamergate is a fairly recent social movement that appeared over the internet under the hashtag #Gamergate, in essence it denounces bad journalism, sexism, and some other things seem as wrong under our current morals, but is all within the sphere of videogames, in principle it is a thing that should happen, a byproduct of living in the civilized world, so to speak.

However!! the methods used to denounce these things are less than ethically desirable, and involve but are not limited to: DDOS attacks, harassment, threats of diverse type, spam, defamation, misconception even within the same things they themselves want to end, propaganda, among other things.

So as you can see what was in principle a good thing devolved into a shameful display of bad public relations.

huh...only 2 comments. Readers must be studying those logical fallacies, as I suggested...

Btw...found one of these bad boys (http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/7f6d713e30de17cf1b88fb7c78f7d4ad) that is commonplace in the land of Columbus...The Shaq sized one goes for 2.70$, the 3 midget ones were on sale for 33 cents each (normally 75 cents to a dollar). I didn't do any geometric calculations yet, but I'm guessing you could stuff 8 of those in there. Again, check your southern hemisphere privileges...god's green butter has a high demand in these parts...

Well NG is a place that people mostly use to distract themselves with some time wasting entertainment, not really an educative web, even if it can be one like playing this game http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/647724
That in one hand, on the other hand personal blogs usually don't get that much attention unless you are really well known on NG, and even then you would have to be some hardcore forum user, or content creator, and sometimes not even like they get attention to their blogs XD.

Mom Guacamole w/ 3 Kids... first time i have ever used the word cute for a fruit and some seeds haha.
Wait the seeds cost 33 cents? or are those avocados too? they can't be avocados they look like nuts...

Maybe someone could strike a deal if he manages to breed some long lasting avocados or just ones that can be cultivated anywhere, well if such a thing is ever achieved the farms would not be set in Colombia that's for sure.

Fallacies, fallacies as far is the eye can see, and even farther.

And beyond!

Hmm...how can we bring out the educational qualities of this fine digital establishment...flash based chemistry textbooks, funny animated shorts about good colon health, and most importantly, lots of cute anime girls!!

will have to check out the game...firefox says I have to yet again update another GOT DAMN plugin

Lol!! you took my title literally. those are actually the avocados we get here...Haas cultivar. Some stores have slightly bigger ones (usually go for a dollar). No point in paying for the seeds...as you just need 1 pit that you can take from the avocado itself! unfortunately it takes 10+ years for the plant to actually start producing the fruit...

You can theoretically grow anything in the states, probably most of the world really except really cold areas. All that is needed is an artificial greenhouse of sorts, but that's expensive and practical constraints would limit mass production.

I am anti moe, so i can't really help you ther, but if you want cute things, guess what just dropped today? hell yeah! Empire of Sock 3!!!! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648036

I would normally say to change into chrome, but this browser is giving me shit lately so maybe try opera? XD.

I see so those are really dwarf avocados, damn.

The joke is to be able to just farm them anywhere without the need of an special structure/building, that's the magic of messing with life!

what's anti moe?

sick flash dude!! The short made me feel many different things...it's rare to fine a work of art these days that generates genuine cuteness, disturbia, depressing, and ethereal at the same time...there was even cool hip hop music and a Illuminati reference!! didn't see any cute anime girls though

here's another abstract, profound, emotional, highly interpretative gem: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/364605

true...I guess God/GMO technology could make such possible...I know VicariousE would incessantly lobby against such though...it's too bad Monsanto tarnished the image (perhaps unfairly, to a certain degree) of plant biotechnology and engineering.

One which stands against the promotion of moe, in essence moe comes in 2 flavors, cock-teasing which is a lesser form of porn that doesn't delivers, and cuteness overcharge, which is something i have no interest in at all.

It was a joke on the demonic hamsters that are Sock and his brother, which as hamsters are supposed to be cute, if you go and read this blog of mine you will find that the story of Sock is quite a big deal for me, is my favorite thing uploaded past and present on NG: http://doomroar.newgrounds.com/news/post/882795

But If you want anime gurls there's always this one http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/647969 it is literally advertisement about a hentai girl app, the only kind of anime girl that matters and will ever matter, because if we go beyond the erotic fields it doesn't really matters if the drawing is of an anime girl or not, even more depending of your sexual orientation anime girls don't even matter in the world of porn, so yeah...

Highly interpretative indeed, i like to see it as a flash with various themes, but all of them follow a base circling around conflict and decay, of course when things come to that most analogies that use WW2 as a medium to illustrate a message about perishability get to pass as just mere exaggerations, and the thing has a quite serious tone to it, so is hard to not take the hyperbole seriously.

Is a pity that the screw-ups of some companies under the name of achieving capitalist profit have to end in the tarnishing of a whole field of the sciences, but maybe with time people will warm to it, once they realize that the one at fault is not the tool itself, but the uses that they gave it.

pump the brakes dude I said cute anime girls not hentai!!
I agree though, I never saw the point of the tease pornography genre...walk around any co-ed university (especially ASU) and you will see more than enough half-naked babes that you can shake a stick (lol) at...just show me the real thing lol

oh, so there's humor there as well...will have to watch the first two episodes some time..
sick app dude! downloaded

I think the SS nazi soldier was just one of various themes about the flash though...dunno, while the flash wasn't the best quality visual-wise and is devoid of a concrete message...something about Nick Sutton's animation just really struck a mellow chord that reaches way down, really seems to slow down the spinning cogs of time and provoke a deep reflective session. Especially how it starts with a boy opening pandora's box (so it seems) to the decaying clock at the end.

Unfortunately, it is the very fruits of capitalism that gives way to the majority of copious funding/grants for scientific endeavors that lead to amazing breakthroughs in technology and discovery...

Hahaha, but what else do you want with moe girls if is not hentai!?

Yeah man it is an adventure of apocalypse, in which humanity is at the total mercy of demonic hamsters, that's right hamsters! never in my life i expected hamsters to be that cool.

I actually liked the visuals of it, there were plenty of metaphors to spend a good whole day analyzing the whole thing, but my problem is that it is too ambiguous and thus it is hard to grasp a general view of the thing without letting other themes out of it, however i like to think that it had a consistency to it, since it has a general sadness and it repeatedly uses imagery that had to do with dead and decay (maybe conflict wasn't really a base of it, and it was just another representation of coming closer to an end), but yeah the flash is quite good it deserves a more detailed watch.

You know i actually hate that, because it makes science which is supposed to be the most neutral and closest view into reality, and it transforms it into a subjugated husk of what it once was, working just to fill the pockets of some groups, the idea of science being science just to know reality becomes an illusion, and then all those amazing breakthroughs become just side effects, and this is true for practically everyone, expect those that find themselves in unmarketable fields, sadly i can't think of any examples, but surely there must be some, i am not talking about being economically autonomous, but of being unmarketable, remaining pure from the clutches of market dynamics.
Anyway, with things standing like that it is not surprising that when GMO is wrongly used by a company that the whole field will suffer the judgement, loathing and distrust of the public, even if GMO itself is not really the one at fault, the problem then is that people don't realize this, and well beyond that there is always the problem that we are all bitches to money, equipment is expensive and the researches need to stuff their stomach and a bed where to sleep, but maybe this will not last forever, as some socialist ideas start to creep into society (like free healthcare and education), maybe we will get to the day when science will be able to venture into big projects without having to satisfy any other patrons than curiosity itself, well... i don't think that would happen neither as science is morally regulated some things would stay out of bounds legally speaking...

Since i am on this, i want to go back to your early question of how to bring out the educational qualities of this fine digital establishment, i really don't have a concrete idea here, i mean the problem goes beyond tricking people into consuming edutainment or just creating more educational content, which are things that have already been done so there are guides for them, the problem as i see it is about making them want to willingly consume and seek such things, i am thinking about:
That a part of the population that comes here and just wants to kill some time, fap, watch some pretty but dumb drawings, listen to some quick dubstep, laugh at some cartoons and forget about their day, in essence people that are searching for ways to empty their minds, so the targeted public has interests which are contrary to increasing the intellectual output of the page.

How would one go about converting an m4a into a mp3 on a Samsung notebook 3 (phone)

There are various programs that can do that on PC like "Any Video Converter", which i am familiar with and can recommend.

But on phone? i am not really familiar, however there seem to be a couple of apps like these ones:
But since i don't really use them i can't guarantee how good they could be.

I see yall are talking about hentai. .. 2 names Dahootch, Shindo_L

... we were talking about moe as form of click bait, so i told Dr S3C that moe is just cock-teasing and it is useless since hentai was already invented, or something like that.

But since we are sharing... Homunculus for general use, and Horitomo for monster-girls, after that you don't really need anything else, indeed the world of porn kinda loses meaning and the theme dies because we reached the peak.

does moe even stand for anything

you must have not been around the interwebs circa the late 90s with the 4-frame dancing hamsters to cheesy .midis on free aol-host chain sites...

um, sure, I agree with your (astoundingly astute and provocative) sentiments regarding fields supported by 'socialist' regulations to a certain degree, as that's one way for science to be encouraged as a neutral field of study, where research is done for the sake of understanding the natural world NOT for the primary incentive of profit with its common byproduct corruption, like you more or less said. Unfortunately though, such ideals are usually not practical...When you have 'free' education, free anything really, people are simply more likely to abuse or take such institutions for granted. I think the major problem here is just finding out what one wants to truly do in life, then people can find more personal education (thusly be less likely to abuse it) and profit isn't at the forefront of one's brain (assuming there is some form of non-capitalist division of wealth so people)

Not to mention, socialized systems = less "free" money for people to inject into the economy = weaker economy = less government and philanthrophic funding for scientific research. Scientists are not always salesman by heart, nor will the general public always find their research interesting or relevant...so where the f*ck does the money come from?? I wish all governments were not democratic but more meritocracy based...they're certainly are smarter, more capable individuals than the two talking heads that come around every 4 years, but smarter people have better things to deal with than pandering to the votes of fat cats and big corporations.

I don't know, maybe the process could be reversed. You start with the fun, which is already here obviously, and slowly and comfortably incorporate the educational tidbits in an enjoyable manner. There seems to be a slight increase in NewGrounds academia over the years...there's also good discussion always going on in the blog section and fora

Oh man you don't even know how lame otakus can get: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/the-moe-manifesto/.78881

I was too young on the 90's and my parents didn't allowed me to go near the internet.... now that i am old i can't really blame them.

We don't have free education over here, but we have affordable education based on academic merit, so the same parameters could be applied to scientific funding, they will give them money based on evidence not just to feed freeloaders.

Socialism still has a form of capitalist supporting its economic base, it just has a primary emphasis on social support, indeed the original idea of a successful socialist state was one born from an already strong capitalist state that had the resources to redistribute back into society reducing the circles of misery and the gaps of economic inequality, an actual example could be China, at some point they are supposed to take all that money that they are generating as a growing market and re-invest it on their people, of course for that to happen China needs to grow way more, way waaay more than what it is now, and with a faster pace, once they get there, the question is, would all those rich people let go of their riches just to continue with a project that some people dreamed some decades ago? if it happens it probably wont be willingly.

Is it really here? people seem to prefer YouTube for videos, Soundcloud for audio, Armorgames and Kongregate for games (i still remember the continuous ass whooping of the webwars game), and Facefuck for blogs, plus talking about blogs not all of us have time for reading each other nonsense all the time XD. Anyway it seems that the page would need to increase its appeal before taking the next step into the realms of edutainment, it seems like a long road, perfectly possible and doable but loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg
unless we decide to work with what we have, in that case it is just long and not looo.... you get the idea.

hmm...seems like a worthwhile lifestyle. wouldn't mind immersing myself in the Otaku culture myself!

you didn't miss much...the internet was basically windows 95/98 with a bunch of pop up adds, text based BBS, obnoxious sounds that tied up your phone line, unnecessary use of frames, and excessive use of times new roman font lol!! looking back...flash seemed suprisingly more stable back then (late 90s early 00s) too...

yeah, I don't think "pure socialism" or "pure capitalism" exists..the education is free here, K-12 and then postsecondary (college) is not free, although there is several grants and scholarships one can apply for based on academic merit and financial status (usually ends up putting students in debt). point being, postsecondary education, generally speaking has a generally better status of education, more access to resources, better technology. example in a free healthcare system...one needs to see a specialist, in a socialized system a patient may have to wait several weeks, months, in case of an emergency, to the point where their illness becomes untreatable. Whereas in a privatized system they are treated right away.

My original point being, that most times when an institution runs on more or less of a free market will result in better quality, this extends not just to education, healthcare, construction, law enforcement and military (which are all socialized by taxes to a certain degree), but scientific research.

I know NewGrounds doesn't intend to be an educational platform...It doesn't have to be- but the same could be said for youtube as the website is now used for academic and teaching purposes all the time. NewGrounds already is already a gaming, cartoon, art, music, and social website; and the opportunity to implement scholastic endeavors is there...why not go for it? if it fails at first they could always use more cute anime girls

It is not eve a real manifesto, just an excuse for effeminate men, and their animu waifus, is not even gender equality, is just a prolongation of how women are supposed to behave towards their husbandos (using dat otaku lingo).

Yeah i remember, off line gaming was the main use of the PC.

Yeah but in a privatized system you need the money or you die just the same, in the socialist one even if it takes time you will get attended eventually.

I get you, and what i am telling you is in essence an increase of taxes on those that have more, and those taxes will go towards public services, like education, health, and eventually research too, the thing would be in essence capitalist, but it has a focus on the care of social needs, the right of the increase of taxes comes from the early support that the government makes into creating its niche of rich citizens, pretty much what China is doing with Hong Kong, the problem of course is that China is losing control over its capital generator.

Click bait has your back, true true, it is good to start making an audience even if small.

well i guess having a waifu is better than having no gf...

so a hard working individual who uses their well earned money should be put on a waiting list to see a specialist behind a day laborer peasant who has the health service just given to them? Unfortunately, that's how a lot of people in a capitalist society think...I mean it's not an entirely wrong sentiment, but affording healthcare amongst other things is more often than not a matter of good fortune than working 110% for a good source of income...and who's to decide a hedge fund analyst deserves 10 times more than a teacher...what we need is more health care individuals, preventable methods & education, and perhaps a restructuring in health care premiums...for example, if an individual partakes in the use of dangerous drugs (including cigarettes and alcohol but not marijuana), has a medical condition and/or is overweight yet willingly choose to indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle, or otherwise live recklessly their healthcare bill should be more expensive...that's the same principle applied for vehicle insurance. However, fast foods, high fructose corn syrup, alcohol (cigarettes are slowly becoming more and more expensive and being phased out from society, two of the campuses that I've attended over the past decade have adopted a smoke-free policy) are a staple of the American economy, so I don't foresee any of this being actively promoted amongst the mainstream airwaves anytime soon.

Not to mention all tax money that is ultimately used for sick, uninsured people who end up in emergency clinics and other urgent care, when the illness was preventable/more easily treated (and thus less expensive overall) if they had routine checkups and the option of seeing a doctor when their symptoms first presented.

Well it kinda already is like that here, with a welfare state and what not. But I don't know dude...when you start taking more and more taxes from the upper class, there is more civil unrest that occurs, also less charity and philanthropic causes. On the other side of the coin, there would theoretically be a lesser need for such. I like the ideology, but would be skeptical to sign off for a related policy if I was the talking head making the decision (good thing I'm above that sh*t)

But waifus aren't real...

Those kinds of unhealthy habits are regulated in a socialist state not only economically but at a cultural level (because the state is more deeply involved on the health, education and safety of the people, the polar opposite of wanting less government intervention), so the one who indulges in that is both really rich already and a cultural anomaly, the idea of socialism is to promote the well-being of the people, and that includes discouraging the use of all those vices. But that's in socialism, in capitalism you do what you want as long as you can pay for it, the idea again is that once economic surplus has been achieved the emphasis will pass from amassing economic capital to social well-being.

Why would they be uninsured? even immigrants would have insurance, and there are actually a couple of countries following that idea, CyberD's own home country comes to mind, and Sweden is a capitalist state even if they indeed have a strong emphasis on social well-being, maybe they are trying to make socialism right and are keeping it a secret XD.

The whole point of the transition is the redistribution of riches and the closing of the economic gap, in order to achieve a healthy population, to opposite that just to keep an un-expendable amount of money in the hands of a few is a censurable idea, except of course in the mechanics of capitalism, in there you are free to get as filthy rich as you want, but then i will make a call to consistency, if the idea is getting filthy rich without constrains, fuck charity and philanthropic causes, your whole life style and life ethos is amassing money while the rest rot in poverty, if you are going to half ass some pity crumbs on some showcase of piety, just don't do it, if you really want to help do it right.

I will finally add, that the idea of socialism in creating a healthy population, is not one of a few maintaining a the rest, the idea is to have a complete educated and working able population, that has access to all its basic rights and then more, under such a state the idea of charity disappears, because people are raised to be productive, this even if i don't want to admit it, is part of why in the past socialist states became authoritative because they used force to force their population into activity, like for example in Cuba at one point working in communal farms was obligatory, the idea of a welfare dump/recipient doesn't applies because everyone is working or studying, the more extreme cases would make anyone outside such field become a law breaker.

yeah i know...what i'm saying is having an imaginary and/or digitized cute anime gf is better than having no gf at all (real or fake)

Needless to say any social-economic-political system, particularly ones that lean to the left, generally only flourish when the vast majority of the populace (socialist-esque simply isn't the 'Merican way) and therein you just addressed an inherent problem- culture cannot be regulated, it can only be encouraged and fostered through certain mediums...and those who are in charge of said mediums (such as mainstream television, music, education, and even the world wide web nowadays) have the most money, and they may be against a "Marxist" division of wealth. Those are essentially the cultural "anomalies" you speak of whose ideals transcend to the next rungs of the wealthy, to continue stimulating the economy in such ways.

Good point, despite a current so-called trillion dollar debt (in America) capitalist states have surpassed a certain economic threshold that gives way to improving the overall quality of social support (charity, philanthropy, non-profit, more emphasis on socialized institutions...and again, more funding for research)

Lol how did you come to the conclusion that Sweden is capitalist?? it's pretty polarizing in light of America's system. Permanent immigrants now have to apply for insurance or face a fine, same goes for anyone that's under 18 (under 24 or such if you're still dependent on guardian(s) and are studying), but that wasn't the case before 2012 Obama, many people couldn't afford insurance, and many local stores couldn't afford to provide healthcare for its employees...now that all businesses are more or less mandated to supply it's full-time workers with insurance, they are cutting down their employees hours and/or not hiring, and probably struggling more as company in their entirety.

So what about people like Bill Gates though? He's filthy rich, but donates more than most people would make in their lifetime. He could be a d*ck like the late Steve Jobs, but most schools are supplied with plentiful, up to date computers...

I agree that their should be a harder cap on what an individual should gain as wealth..if only currency was sex (as is the case with primates) instead the world be a better place...in terms of happiness, not public health lmao

that ending example is more closer to communism tho

Is like dating your PC, but in a whole new level of freaky and creepy... oh that reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkwcehPhOXw dat song man, so legit XD.

Interesting so what you are saying is that pop culture and mass entertainment is not cultural regulation but cultural encouragement? man you will do great in politics such wonderful words to mislead an audience XD, those in charge of those mediums are already regulating culture towards their ideals, which in this case oppose the division of wealth, but that is no really a problem, the power of the state is violence, and that is what they will use to accomplish their goals, the ones who refuse to cooperate are put in jail, people like Bill Gates which you mention won't go to jail because they would cooperate simple as that.

Because they still have a capitalist economic model with a social oriented invested platform but is not socialism, they can be seen as transitory, but nothing more than that, maybe China will become like Sweden is now if things go well for them, you see at one point the fields of politics and economics decided to have a divorce, but that was after the ideas of capitalism and socialism were born, which means of course the ideas of capitalism and socialism needed to be divided in their perspective political and economical parts, and as things are now we can have chimeras of things without a full compromise towards one field or another, Sweden would be a capitalist economy with some socialist policies, which ironically is one of the requirements needed to achieve a successful socialist state, i think i mentioned this before when i mentioned China as an example.

Bill Gates is a nice guy, and if there is a platform that uses his resources to help the people he wont have to go around making charitable donations, of course that would be only in a domestic perspective, in an international view he still would need to partake in charity, this means that he would still be rich even inside a socialist state, partly because his business is international, partly because he is so rich that even after redistribution he will keep being rich.

Yeah but Cuba never admitted to have attained true Communism so they called themselves Socialist after the thing blasted on their faces, and i really have no idea how they have keep themselves alive seeing as they tried to erect that whole thing without harnessing any riches first.

which most people (except for its oppressors) would agree is utterly insane

Wet r yall talking about? Any ways can you recommend me to a good brand of felt pens, I heard Sakura was good...

Well about now we are talking about economic and political models, and on how to increase educational content on NG, it is a really nerd theme.

I would recommend Prismacolors and Sharpies, it is what this guy uses: http://conundrummer.newgrounds.com/art/

Atleast waifus also come in blow up doll and pillow form...

nothing misleading about my words- how would pop culture and mainstream entertainment regulate? there is no legislation telling people to follow, let alone watch- what these people do. People are free to ignore and go their own ways...there is a lingering cultural mainstream social pressure, but no laws to enforce such norms.

I'm finding it a bit tricky to respond to your point about "violent action". I'm not sure exactly what scenario you were picturing, but if a person wasn't paying federal taxes they typically do not get thrown in jail (as you cannot pay if you are in jail anyway), perhaps pay a late tax fine, get more money taken out of a paycheck, or be forced to give up some assets at the very worst. I don't see how that would be any different from a socialist system- in theory such would be more common as theoretically there should be larger taxes. Inversely, no one in a capitalist system would oppose a richer individual volunteering to pay higher taxes for the sake of "overall social well being", so I'm not exactly sure how what you said applies here...

I don't know the official or most commonly accepted definitions for capitalism, socialism, communism (or am I thinking of fascism??) and the like. I also throw political and economic systems into the same pot as they truly are inseparable. To me, one system is facilitated by accumulating greed of capital (doesn't work as resources are finite- some people will starve), one system is facilitated by desire (is likely not to work as some people may not work hard, general interest won't allocate itself to the "toxic" but necessary jobs that would otherwise reward well in a capitalist system) one system is facilitated by obedience (simply doesn't work as people have their own unique desires and talents). Anyway...kind of veering off from the original tangent here. In capitalism, you have the necessary financial gain to fund awesome research, but at the expense of some of its inhabitants living in poverty- which doesn't have to be the case in socialism. Now back to finding the funds to producing the ebola vaccine for chimps hopefully leading to a vaccine for humans at some point...(won't ever see the light of day due to capitalist demands as ebola is relatively rare...or was it the lack of a capitalist induced surplus that

... I guess they do, well is not like you are marrying a bridge or anything like that.

Because it is a culture that is born from an economic model based on consumerism, so it is subjected to trends regulation, in this case that culture is pop culture and part of it is mainstream entertainment, not really a hard concept to grasp, if it can be sold it is made, and if not the public is created to consume it, to illustrate this, have you ever wasted your time or money on an useless product that was shown to you on a baseless fad and never again appeared? well even if you have not the cases can be found plenty, and that is also part of this modern culture, which is regulated by market, which is regulated by those in control of the mediums to manufacture and distribute such goods.

The power of the state is the monopolization of violence, that is basic of sociology the control of police and the army, and a legal system are just forms of it, that is the essence behind it, nothing more than that, getting people in jail for tax evasion is just one example.

But the thing is that they got already separated and are formally studied as that let me recommend you this book it is a great introduction to social sciences, it is called Open the Social Sciences by Immanuel Wallerstein, read it it is great it gives you a quite complete view of not only how things came to be but also why, and it also saves me time XD.
Anyway yeah in the beginning politics and economics were seen as one and the same, but liberalism didn't like that model at all so change happened, this is the botched resume.

Just let the damn thing spread so the market demanding a vaccine will grow, then work in one, ????, profit, simple stuff.

leads to the underfunding of treatment for uncommon pathogens?? why focus on serious illnesses, when more money can be made from treatment of lesser virulent, but chronic/incurable disease??)

Sorry man it seems they got it first http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648949

LoL!! too bad he never got to have Surge tho

All that sugar was suicidal anyway XD.

nope...he found the cure to ebola. He can drink all the ebola-surge he wants!!

But the diabetes man, the diabetes!

Yeah that is a good one, i should probably update this post with that link i have encountered some people using exact examples that appear there quite a few times (that design fallacy was hilarious!), oh and i should also add the rules for a critical discussion of pragma-dialectics, they are only 10 and they are easy to remember: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pragma-dialectics#Rules_for_a_critical_discussion

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