Best month of the year, for different reasons.

2014-04-29 01:38:20 by Doomroar

So far this month has proven itself to be quite the remarkable moment of the year, and i am not talking about Pico Day, indeed this has little to nothing to do with NG actually, i am making this post just to spread the word.

Just on this month we got a new Chapter of Berserk, The Boondocks 4th season started airing, and Yoshihiro Togashi author of Hunter x Hunter announced that he will start working again on HxH, since he doesn't wants the anime to catch up with the manga, these 3 things alone are somehow miracle like in their nature, to have them all happening at the same time is unthinkable, i myself think that this is too good to be true, the Matrix must be glitching.


HD image:


HD image:

But it doesn't ends there, no sir, Kwel and  his gorup Hi Wa Mata Noboru actually managed to finish the translation of the awesome manga Doubutsu no Kuni and you can get the whole thing here: 


If you ask me what is Animal Kingdom (Doubutsu no Kuni) about? i would have to say, is a manga about life, action-survival-horror manga, with enough tragedy and drama to make you cry until you dehydrate, and it also has silly and funny moments to get you some laugh and emotional rest, after all it is a manga by the great Makoto Raiku the author of Zatch Bell another great series (and this one actually has an anime). The ending of Doubutsu no Kuni, was incredibly satisfying and complete, not even a hole was left open, and this doesn’t means that things don’t continue beyond the ending, after all there was still plenty to be done in the world of Doubutsu no Kuni, however the main issues were solved, even my only complaint with the series is dwarfed because it was a needed event, with this my top 5 manga of all time changes with Doubutsu no Kuni earning itself a 4th place above Lone Wolf and Cub, and below The World is Mine, now The World is Mine has yet to have its final 4 volumes translated, and its ending may put it on the zenith of the list. This means that Heaven's Door will now hold an honorable spot, because its surrealism is worth that and more, in essence you could say that my 5 top has now become a 6 top.


As if this was not enough Hox in collaboration with HappyScans! just finished the classical manga Tomorrow's Joe, this is a gem of comics, for the English speaking world to get it this late is actually quite unbelievable, so make sure to go and give it a read, it is truly a fine example of what manga can do, i won't talk about it here since Hox already wrote a fine post about it, along with some history for all of you that may have an interest, if you like his post make sure to check the rest, the guy and his page have some outstanding things that are worth reading: 

Even if you are not planning into reading Tomorrow's Joe, for whatever reason it may be, i encourage you to go and read Hox's post, it is something else, the information that he gives is an eye opener, from an historic perspective and it also puts the whole thing in context and makes it even more incredible, i really can't stress enough how good that post is, if you like manga go and read that post, if you don't like manga or don't know very well what it is about, go and read that post, if you are just curious about that culture in general go read that post, if you don't like manga at all but are curious to know why i would make a post about someone else’s post then go and read that post, is really that good.

Lastly here is an old and really short but incredible good manga that i want to share with you:


"3, Street of Misteries" explores the fantastical-poetic vein that has forged Mizuki's reputation in Japan. The stories contained in this series hold in common the obsessive ideas of immortality and of life after death. Skillfully blending a range of black humor, drama, and questions of morality, Mizuki shows once more his profound understanding of the human soul.

(paraphrased from Astiberri, and taken from manga updates) you can find the whole thing on Happyscans! page:






Funny enough in the 1st link you can also find this: "Under the Air" so give that one a read, it will show you a side of the God of Manga Ozamu Tezuka that you may not know, don't know who Osamu Tezuka is? do you know who Stan Lee and Walt Disney are? well Osamu Tezuka is the combination of both plus even more, he was famous mostly for his work which was oriented mostly towards young audiences, but you don't get a title like the God of manga just for that, his influence, importance, and role in history, plus his talent and diversification make for just part of the reasons behind his alias, and now by reading "Under the Air" you will get to see a side of him that is not known by many, if this is your first encounter with this author then lucky you! Because you get to approach him from such a side, if is not, then also lucky you for you get to know a side of him that may be new to you.

We actually have a couple of days (counting this one) before this month ends, but i already am satisfied and impressed, i really doubt that more unlikely things could happen in these 2 days, but who knows? i mean we did get some Berserk.

Lastly (again) make sure to go and read Mr Nietzlawe’s latest literary work, “The Opus” is a story about revolution, confabulation, and giving your life some purpose:

Now The Opus has something crucial that makes it different to all the other things that I am recommending in this post, for starters it is not a manga, but a traditional text (as far as digital media could go for “traditional”), second it actually is still in progress, meaning that unlike all the other works here The Opus hasn't finished, however what makes this one so fitting to be mentioned is that to get such an orderly, systematic and periodic text from Nietzlawe is truly a stuff that deserves to be described as an unlikely surprise, it is even divided in parts!!!!.


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2014-04-29 03:48:08

Man, you and Nietz are some muthafuggin, hard-core bloggers. OG's suited, booted and ready to type.

(Updated ) Doomroar responds:

Haha well i wrote this over the curse of 3 days, so yeah XD.

You should really go and read The Opus, that story is great, i wonder when he will do the next parts? but really give it a read, i know you will like it.


2014-04-29 06:07:40

Yeah, you guys just give me a few days to catch up, I'll scope it out. Lousy timing with the party sentiments rolling around and all... still plenty of unanswered questions about what went on....

Caught Jiovanni's previous post. Mr. Herbal's father... I sent him my regards as well, much as it pained my hands, fuckin' microwaves off the laptop, even at idle, suck !

Doomroar responds:

Oh well this month has been full of things happening, both good and bad, having Mr Herbal to stop his animations is something awful, and it happens just after his dads incident, to boot.

You know i want to say that there is no rush, but i really want to read that post with details of how the whole Pico Party was XD, the stream was just a really tiny window that din't really managed to show what the real deal was.


2014-04-29 18:56:51

Yeah, I spoke some word to Mr. Herbal, hope he found something of worth there, poor guy!

I guess I'll make another post with pictures about the event, but it seems like I'll be repeating myself, since the actual dispatch post is still up, and the more salient things are already out there....

Doomroar responds:

Man i just can't even think about how it must feel, what is more i don't even want to think about it, your dad is in jail, then you have to stop doing what you love just to sustain yourself, all at the same time, it sucks, i myself am not even that close to my dad, but i know that if it happens to him for whatever reason... i know that it would be horrible.

Ah but the actual post doesn't really puts things in contrast without the images, for example i don't think that i know what Shadman looks like, and i am not really sure if i want to know, i have this mental image of what he may look like, i imagine him looking as a really normal white man with a neck beard, so the whole thing actually becomes weird since you wont expect someone so normal to draw the stuff he does, however your description of him seems to be totally different.


2014-04-29 20:57:49

Have you ever wanted to play D&D?

Doomroar responds:

Not really, i have been curious about D&D, and i know some classmates who play it, but it has so many rules, i don't think i could fully get into it, mostly because i would lack the time to invest on it, and secondly... i really am not that much a fan of RPGs, i guess it could work, maybe, i don't know.


2014-04-30 16:27:36

I don't know why I thought of that question, just sort of popped into my head when I saw the images I suppose.

Doomroar responds:

Yeah people that discover my fascination with monster normally wonder if i am into things like D&D etc. But the truth is that i am so hardcore *putting on airs* that the fantasy of D&D and FF are too damn average for me (or so i like to think, bah FF is soft stuff anyway, mostly catgirls, and girly dragons).


2014-04-30 18:46:29

He's got a choice of writing him off, or visiting as much as he can, to keep his dad.... his dad, and not an inmate. Hopefully it's a nice Federal lock-up :\

I got a lot of group shots, and I won't be publishing Shad's picture. It's kinda widely known he likes to keep his mug out of the digital landscape. But I'll caption the pics best I can, point out everyone in the shots (might need a bit of extra research).

Doomroar responds:

Who knows, some times jails are not nice to visitors, and some put restrictions to the number of visit that can be made per month. of course it is not as he is dead, but that something is not as bad as it could be doesn't means that it cannot be better.

That's great! oh so he will continue being a mystery? understandable, there are some users that genuinely think he is a woman, mostly the new ones hahaha. Ah how time changes, my generation believed that there were no women on the internets it was even a rule! haha.


2014-04-30 21:57:52

Well, I really liked the book about aberrations for the 3.5 edition of D&D.
I apologize if the artwork is terrible. D&D books never have the best artwork. But it's interesting the stuff they come up with about these creatures' anatomy and cultures and whatever. Very obviously inspired by Lovecraft, but most things of this nature are.

Doomroar responds:

Don't get me wrong creatires like the Beholder have become iconic monsters, but the thing is that once something becomes as famous as the Beholder or Cthulhu himself, they start to slowly loss their edge, that nightmarish edge i mean look at this and this they may be paridies, but Cthulu plushies do exist... but lets forget that for a moment, regardless of how culture may desecrate things, once you explain the anatomy of something in scientific terms (or pseudo scientific) it lost part of its ferocity, the first time that this happened to the Beholder i was like "Ah? damn, now he just another animal more...", but this is not entirely bad, probably part of the charms of D&D is that most of its creatures seem to be possible, is like they have a dose of realism among their fantasy, and that is nice i guess.


2014-04-30 22:01:22

Shad is still a mystery, his wife even more so. But no, it's him doing the drawings and the writings. Given half a chance I would've pushed him to write more. The last good non sexy plot he did, was a Christmas detective thing 2 years ago. He's got a fine mind for storytelling.

Doomroar responds:

He is married? well why not? maybe his wife is Emily XD. Oh right once upon a time when the dinosaurs were starting to populate the planet Shadman used to write action oriented stories, and not just porn all the time, how time flies!


2014-05-02 03:57:51

I Can Only Hope That My Wildest Dreams Will Some Day Be Attained & I Transcend To The Elite Level of A True Legendary Blogger Such as @VicariousE @Cyberdevil @Nietzlawe @Supergandhi64 @Doomroar @Asandir...For Now It's Back to Cryptic Shitposting & Subtly Crafted Inside Humor...

Doomroar responds:

Subtly Crafted Inside Humor is cool too, indeed is awesome!


2014-05-02 04:04:43

@Nietzlawe- sick vignette of stories dude! I read the first part a couple days ago. I can't wait to find if the snipers are real or not!? who knows!

does this emily character have a large penis? judging from Shad's artwork, seems like that would be a priority to him in a relationship lol

Doomroar responds:

Well we have confirmation that some snipers killed the foster mother of the protagonist, now what we don't know is if they are really with the red army, that Leonard seems to be a compulsive liar...

I have this hypothesis that Emily is a dog that works as an internet porn star at night, and then when the suns rises disguises himself as a man, that then disguises himself as a woman, who then disguises herself as another woman which then uses her womanly image to deceive us and take attention away from her true self... the story of Alfred was pseudo-biographical O_o
Haha so i guess she has a dog penis, that must be large enough for the Shadman XD. Na but fo real it seems he is married to a woman, who is not Emily, and is actually a woman... weird world.


2014-05-02 20:27:38

@s3c You keep writing like superghandi64, and you'll certainly draw attention....
The best writers have either done things worth writing about, or heard about them... some of it's imagination, but largely, experience matters.

Doomroar responds:

Agree with this but how much of that is true? when Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein she was just 18 years old.


2014-05-02 21:59:10

She may have had a touch of physic ability, how else would she know properly used electricity can restart the heart, and organ transplants would be almost commonplace? I've written about things I had no info on, and yet came true... sometimes it's just luck. One thing's for sure, women are just as capable, if not moreso, than men when it comes to writing and imagination.

Doomroar responds:

Actually she already knew about that, using electricity to reanimate organs was a very popular hypothesis back in her days, and plenty of doctors were experimenting on that, releasing papers and the like on the subjects, so no physic ability ability there, plus when she wrote that she was hanging with the author of Dracula and the like.

She was a young genius (her imagination and literary creativity which allowed her to piece things together), is all explicable no need to go into personal experience or metaphysical occurrences...


2014-05-03 04:31:01

heh, it's gonna take more than excessive capitalizing and exclusive ampersand use...

Doomroar responds:

Oh my dog no!


2014-05-05 17:05:56

Argh, I am reading this as the month has already gone by! Alas! I am to late to enjoy the awesome moments of the month within the moment they are aimed for! This is indeed awesome news; I am especially awed by the Berserk/HxH revelations, I recognize the names of the other Manga you mention as ones you have previously mentioned but am not equally hyped as I have not yet lived into their potentially dramatically masterful dimension.

There's so much on that Nietzlawe page I gotta read! Some time...

@S3C Some Day Your Wildest Dreams Will Be Attained! Maybe Even Some Nights - In Your Dreams.

Doomroar responds:

I think this is the first time that i mention Joe, 3 Street of Mysteries and Under the Air, the special thing about these 3 mangas is that Joe is a classic, 3 Street of Mysteries is a prime example of the genre known as Gekiga, and Under the Air is the god of manga himself trying and doing Gekiga which is totally different that the image people have of him as an author of manga for kids.

It is actually not that long a read, and is quite interesting to boot!


2014-05-06 00:54:52

Mmm, there is some news there!

Man I just opened up the first page and... it seems long... bookmarked though...

(Updated ) Doomroar responds:

Haha it looks long, but once you start it is actually not that long, i read the whole thing and even commented in about, i can't remember... but making those comments took the biggest chunk of time, lets say 2 hours? worse scenario, and best scenario 40 min to 1 hour? na i bet i spend 40 minutes just commenting, and the actual text took less time than that... Or! maybe it just felt like 40 min?


2014-05-06 06:55:55

Yeah, I guess it's the same with all addicting reading, once you get started time just flies by... but two hours is a long time man! :O

Doomroar responds:

I guess i am a slow reader/writer so it probably takes less time than 2 hours.


2014-05-07 17:00:57

it's actually pretty long lol....if you want something that is "not that long" refer to my penis LOL

Doomroar responds:

No really i am a slow reader, i get distracted between sentences and start divagating, then i get back into the text, and my typing speed is not the most desirable... the worse is that after i go and try to check for typos i end with a lot of mistakes... so maybe putting myself as an example to determine how long that text is, was not the best idea. Likewise, that probably means that your dick is average, mmmh but women say that the average dick is small XD.


2014-05-07 19:59:02

Maybe I will adopt two styles like the Chinese, Traditional and Simplified. OrjustcarryoncrammingeverythingtogetherlikeSteveCramwhenheateclamsandnothat'snotanoralsexreference.

I am honoured that you like the story. there is more to come. Much much more. Like one thousand nine hundred and seventy pages more.

It's amazing to have all three of those things that you enjoy happening at roughly the same time. It's like somebody in a Board Room has said, "we must cater to Doomroar's needs this month." -- "Yes, ve vil attack him from all sides with lot of entertainment." *Thick French accent for some reason* "He wont know what hit him!" -- "Yes, when he recover from Boondocks, boom, ve attack him with Chapter of Berserk."

"He will not survive this overload of entertainment."

*They all laugh evily, then calm down and casually continue eating ice cream*

Doomroar responds:

Is not an oral sex reference? oh please never cram things together again, i hated every millisecond of it.

Well shit, that is a lot more.

Haha, funny this may also be the best thing of the whole year, man there must be more to life than just good fiction... there probably is not.
How good is the weather over there?


2014-05-07 20:42:18

i've never used the word divigating before it's not even in my spellcheck...huh, I've heard the contrary. Most women find that the men they dates penis sizes are satisfactory to large while most men think they aren't big enough (probably from watching too much porn).

Doomroar responds:

I find myself using divagation a little way too much... a wandering mind.
Is that so? damn... now i know that either i am surrounded by women with high standards, or they all had men with small penises XD.


2014-05-11 21:57:57

When Steve Cram ate clams, he was simply enjoying fine fish food. Of course oral action was involved, but there was nothing sinister about it. In fact it was impossible to cram his tongue into that clam because it clammed up, and just slammed shut, like the doors in his face when he was thrown out for attempting oral sex on a mollusc.

The Opus is 31 chapters so far. But there will be moar because the fans demand it.

There isn't more to life than good fiction. There is nothing better than the possibility that anything could happen. Expect the Unexpected... Like a free pdf of Infinite Jest.

The weather here is still crap. But I expect it to fluctuate between 16-25 celcius during June, July and August. But this is England, so Expect the Unexpected, like a free Charlton Heston Soundboard:

Doomroar responds:

Wait he sounds familiar, maybe it is an alias... wait!? are you molesting animals again!?

I am fine with 31 chapters, no need to alter the plot just for the fans.

The moment i opened that PDF, my browser crashed!

Haha, the weather as a theme of conversation sure is a boring subject.


2014-05-12 21:21:32

He is more or less molesting animals. He is moreorlesting animals.

The plot wont get altered. It's concrete, set in stone. It's auteur.

What happened when you opened the pdf twice? Was it just a fluke that the browser crashed? I will read that book when this wisdom tooth pain subsides.

The weather only becomes interesting when strange things start happening in the sky, like a torrent of needles which nobody knows where they came from.

Doomroar responds:

So he IS after all.

Good to know.

It charges normally the second time, but damn is that one hell of a long text. It has like almost 100 pages of just annotations, it will take some time before i get to read it.

Yeah or a whole city being shoot into the sky then falling back to earth.


2014-05-12 21:53:21

No court in the land would convinct him of 'tonguing' clams. (Except maybe Louisiana).

Infinite Jest is one when you have a couple of evenings spare. The last two longest books I've read are The Illuminatus Trilogy and The Magus.!_Trilogy

Have you ever tried to open a packet of chips whilst casually not looking? Then five seconds later realised that you were trying to open them from the side? Which is impossible. I've just experienced such pain.

(Updated ) Doomroar responds:

To Louisiana we go then.

Oh The Magus, i think my dad recommended me that book in one of those rare occasion when we talk, long time ago.
The last long book that i read was

No, not really, even more first time hearing someone trying to open a pack of chips using the side.


2014-05-13 03:17:57

If we go to Louisiana, we will need to take with us, Louis, Louisi, Ana, Ian, Lou and Sian. But there is only room in the cab for 4 passengers.

The 4 unlucky losers will be sent to The Prime Candidate to meet their fate. Or have their fat used as meat.

A Treatise of Human Nature. I'll have to write that one down on my To-Read-List. Yes.. I really do have a To-Read-List.

Well we actually call them crisps over here rather than chips. I used chips so you would know what I meant.

Doomroar responds:

We will have to sacrifice some of them, use a roulette, then make them into a blob, sell them to The Prime Candidate and his newly wed wife.

Don't we all? but lately i have been too distracted reading manga to advance in books, that is another To-Read-List that is quite long, some times i wonder if i am even making advances in either of them, and lets not even talk about my To-Watch-List, now that is a neglected list, maybe only less neglected than my To-Play-List, i have to finish that DLC for Dishonored, one of these days...

Crisps sounds like cookies, instead of potatoes, but the bags are practically the same.


2014-05-14 23:12:00

You forgot Lou, Easy and Ana ...well, you remembered Ana. But... it wouldn't work without it so...

Doomroar responds:

All the more people for the Prime Candidate to work at his butchery, good thing that his new wife can help him now with all that work.


2014-05-17 17:18:05


Doomroar responds:

That poor miserable bastard... is no one willing to free zurboig from that flesh cage known as the mortal body!