Parasyte Movie adaptation

2014-07-25 12:33:01 by Doomroar

So i did a post entitled "Best month of the year, for different reasons." and just as i resigned to think that life couldn't really get better than that... Jared Africa decided to show his still alive face, and then recently this happened:


Apparently the greatest manga that i ever read Parasyte is getting a live action movie, and i know those normally end being an insult to their adaptations, but look at that video is gorgeous!

Here's the translation of what the narrator is saying (Courtesy of Anime News Network):

"If half of the human race would disappear, would the amount of forests burned also be halved? If the human race was decreased to one-hundredth, would the amount of trash produced do the same? Someone on the earth thought this for just a moment."

It will be released in 2 parts the 1st part will be this November 25 2014 and then the second part in 2015.

Parasyte is a 1995 manga, that ask about the role that we humans serve on this planet, mixed with some wonderfully executed Sci-Fi horror elements, and plenty of violence and carnage, one of the best things to ever be produced on Japan and now is getting a movie adaptation, Tokyo Tribe another great manga and anime is also getting a live action adaptation.

Now about the anime of Parasyte... well it is going to be trash so why should i mention it?


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2014-07-31 15:32:16

The best month of the year just became the best months of the year. I have a feeling that the world is built around you, and there are people now all across the planet, sweating, making sure that they can realise another one of your dreams, and they will have to keep this going and going forever, until you run out of things TYNETH (that you never expected to happen).

That plant turning into a face is both freaky, yet funny at the same time. Dat eye. I remember back in the day, I used to love all the Tartan Asia Extreme movies, but The Isle was always my favourite film. Audition was a slow film only woken up by the crazy torture scene by a hot crazy Japanese woman.

I truly believe now after seeing Utopia, that if the world population was going to be reduced in order to meet demand for resources. It would be done by a simple little flu virus, in which those in power have already tested a vaccine, so that when the virus has killed enough off, there is a cure to save enough of us to restart the planet.

Do I think it will happen in the next ten years? Dum Dum Dum!!!!!!

The best thing about Utopia is the visuals. It's just so yellow, and green, and clean in a way that I've never seen before. The violence is cartoonish yet disturbing, it's almost like the characters are living the life of a comic. Maybe they are, maybe the comic book is about their adventures.

Feel free to delete the last comment with the link if you wish. I know I will end up buying the DVD of Utopia so don't feel guilty about sharing the link. I always buy things that I appreciate.

Doomroar responds:

Ha! for TINETH to run out giant monsters would need to start walking the earth!

Interesting, i really want the movie to do well, but they are competing against the manga, in the scene where the parasite eats the head of the woman, her neck doesn't even bleeds! not even a little, so they must at least at minimum, keep part of the commentary and ambiance, here is the thing with adaptations of great things, is that they are either excellent or complete garbage, i already know that the anime is complete and utter garbage, so the only thing for me is to wait for the movie to redeem the mistakes the other adaptation will make.

Highly probable, specially with how super bugs are evolving nowadays, funny name since they are bacteria and viruses and not bugs XD.

I agree it has some vivid colors, they look like renaissance paintings.

Sure, if the link worries you i can delete it, indeed i already did!

There is no greatest compliment for media nowadays that saying "after i watched it, i liked it so much that i bought it, so i could keep an original copy!" and that is even more true nowadays.

Now i wish i could say the same about the Parasyte anime (not the movie), but... really the more info appears about it the more i feel like i will watch it out of duty and not for enjoyment, specially after the insult that is the very design or better said redesign of the characters, who in the fuck uses bright soft pastel colors for an horror story!? for real this is not the era to make horror anime, they should have done that in the 90's or maybe far in the future, once Japan manages to finally grow a pair of balls and start doing gusty things again, i have this feeling of time wasted, and i haven't wasted my time with it yet.


2014-08-01 00:47:08

That's it now, next month giant monsters will start walking the Earth. Or there will be a Godzilla remake. And as we all know - there ain't nobody iller than those Godz. Except terminally ill people who only seem to get ill at terminal airports.

The movies always nearly seem to be a disappointment. It's a good job that Hollywood didn't make an adaptation, it would have been totally destroyed. They would probably have cast somebody like Naomi Watts or Tom Hanks. The best movies or dramas are usually the ones that jump out of nowhere and hit you. Those which you anticpate will be good, tend to be a disappointment because of the expectation. Your best hope is to have low expectations before watching the film. Reverse psychology.

In Utopia, there was an event which triggers different brainwashed people to suddenly go to a hiding spot, pick up a cannister of virus and then dump it in a public place, which is what will kickstart the flu virus and kill millions. It makes me wonder in real life with those planes all going missing in succession. I wonder if it was a sign, a sign to the brainwashed few on each of those continents to release a wave of bacteria. It's a bit weird that we are suddenly hearing a lot about an ebola outbreak in Africa.

That is what you call jumping at a conspiracy!

The colour scheme is used through every episode of Utopia. That is why I think that the characters are living the story in the comic book.

It's good to buy something if you enjoyed it. It's these artists that don't really do their own work that deserve to get pirated. Like manufactured boy bands and Hollywood directors that only care about the money rather than delivering a superb film. They are the ones who don't deserve to be paid for what they do. But someone who has put their heart and soul into their work and given you a sense of enjoyment / pleasure or meaning, then I just think they are the artists who should be financially supported.

I don't hold many high hopes for that anime, it doesn't sound good. I'm sick of book adaptations that get absolutely ruined. I find that it's more common to see mediocre films in the modern day. It's like directors have to have a certain code of conduct these days, the film has to look clean and tidy like it's got OCD. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned gritty, greasy, grimy piece of cinema?

Doomroar responds:

Actually Godzilla may get another movie sooner than expected, but real giant monsters walking, swimming or flying in our planet, that would be way too awesome. Terminally ill people who only seem to get ill at terminal airports are the illest, i suspect them of being gangsta rappers.

I agree, i need to apply more the don't believe the hype that Public Enemy taught us.

And before that we got a super bug branch of tuberculosis, also in Africa... now how did those people got themselves brainwashed to begin with!? wait don't tell me the spoilers are strong in that question.

Taking it for all that is worth!

Great! but is that thanks to the director or just a particular quality of Utopia (since is called utopia after all, thus the vibrant colors)?

Oh i totally agree, even more i will go as far as to say that such lousy "artists" don't even deserve their stuff getting consumed even for free, i have felt plenty of times like they own me money even after i realize that the only thing i wasted was my time (which is worse because that can't be recovered), but how did that happen to begin with? shouldn't i have stopped halfway? here's the thing sometimes it happens near the end, some times is an adaptation, and sometimes you just don't know until the moment that you actually consume it, and there is no real way for you get anything back, i mean sure if you bought you could get part of your money back by reselling it, or trading it for something else, but what about the time? because the problem in the end is not really money, people in the end will pay eventually for the things they like, and is not only me or you, well makes you wonder kids these days don't really know the joy of owning something in a physical format, since everything is digital now.

That is exactly the problem here, they took a story from the 90's and changed the context to the censored times of our current days, and it all gets even worse since is a change of media, thus it gets even more censorship, and then it gets a bunch schemes and devices trying to attract a newer audience, to the point that we cant really call that... that "thing" an adaptation.


2014-08-02 13:52:58

What can gangster rappers do at airports except make music videos? There is nothing else to do there. Not to mention that they are so ill, they wont even feel like making a music video, they will need round the clock care and supervision, medicine and comfortable beds. Their last few months on Earth are going to be rocky... Ironically like most flights these days. It's not terminally ill rappers we should be worried about, it's terminally ill planes.

If Public Enemy taught us anything, it's the New Whirl Odor. Make Love, Fuck War. But if people are fucking war, isn't that making love.. to War!

I've never had any vaccinations. We were supposed to have them at school, but my parents didn't believe in them, so I didn't have them. So I should be dead right? Nope, I have never ailed in my life with any of those bugs. Never had a TB injection yet never had TB. I'm invincible man, like Danny Invincible.. who is ironically mortal. But I'm not immune to playing the game Portal and getting motion sickness spells.

So if there is a vaccination out there that prevents motion sickness I'll be happy to take it. But maybe having motion sickness is nature's way of forcing me to not play all these shitty first person games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

I don't have third-person sickness and those games seem to be good.

I don't understand the colours in Utopia. It could relate to the concept of Utopia where everything is perfect, and the environments are idyllic. I'm trying to guess what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Utopia. They seem to be hinting at wiping out the whole world population except for 500 million, which seems to be a concept you hear about a lot on these NWO / Illuminati / Agenda 21 conspiracy sites.

They actually said that important resources would run out by 2090. And what are we going to do then? Share? It's inevitable that the super bug will be used as a silent killer, it's quick and effective, no need to cause any destruction, dispose of the bodies. It's clean and efficient and it resets the population to a managable level.

A lot of the people that seem to fight against piracy are those that are putting out shit work or are paranoid about losing money. A true artist, first and foremost is not thinking about the money, their mind is absorbed with creating some great.

Doomroar responds:

Those terminally ill planes! i tell you, specially when you are travelling and the guy next to you just happens to also be terminally ill, travelling on a terminally ill plane next to a terminally ill guy, what is next? a terminally ill destination? the scrutiny of the security wards and the airport personnel also made me terminally ill, now everyone is terminally ill! except the VIPs.

Yeah give all your love to war, let the planet burn remake it anew but destroy it first, by any means necessary.

Well some recent studies show that a bunch of vaccines circulating the medical market were actually useless, so your parents were not that off the mark, on the other hand these bugs are immune to antibiotics that's the scary shit, image getting a scratch and after you clean it the thing infects just the same? scary stuff.

Danny Invincible was invisible his hobby was to stalk the bathrooms of video games companies, it was all a revenge against Valve the creators of Portal, a game that gave poor Danny years and years worth of motion sickness.

Battlefield is great tho.

You could get into a vehicle and play Battlefield in third-person.

Yeah one of those new world order agendas, could be. If the colors are related to the concept of utopia then they are definitively nailing it, that intro is so vivid.

By 2040 the world will enter into an energetic crisis and a water crisis that's 30 to 40% of the world that would need to make a decision between drinking water or having electricity, that's is 25 years from now... which means i probably would live long enough to see the horrors.

Yeah i can perfectly see people using bio-warfare to induce genocide and mass cleansing, even more with Nazism getting a resurrection lately with the economic crisis, that is one of the advantages of fascism, it doesn't really has to have an answer(s) but it captivates people to act following patriotism and a false promise of saving resources for the locals, when the truth is that those resources can't even suffice the locals themselves, scary shit... i give it 10 years and some Illuminati like organisation starts going public and calling for mass appeal.

True that.


2014-08-07 00:10:08

Danny started the whole Danny InvinCivil Rights Movement.

I don't want drinking water or electricity. I want Drinkable electricity. A revelation that may shock some, but not shock Somme Say.

You have said Scary Shit twice. Which is scary shit in itself. Now I am deeply worried and concerned for Verne who got conned out of a Conan appearance. Who wants to appear on Conan? A Barbarian called Konan Keating? I'd rather be forced to watch 47 Ronin 46 times in quick succession then suck cess and fall into a deep depression. Deeper than 2007 when Suicide Clubs were all the rage, but then my life hit a new chapter, turned another page. Like turning Ellen lezza. Lez all have a cele-bration and all get along and be respectful and understanding of each other's unusual traits and turn the whole world into a truthful and beautiful place. Instead of being forced to hide behind or inside cubicles and gates. Like Milford who can ill afford to make mistakes and get killed for food. The shelves get filled with chargrill steaks that harm and leave you needing pills for stomach aches, or bugs and rashes, Ebola. He's poorly, they say its purely placebo. He's puking, they put it down to a poisoned burrito. I've never saw a puker puke the puke that he puked, it dribbled down his chinos and his Timberland boots. Now Tim can barely breathe, maybe it was the 30 pieces of KFC chicken wedged behind his teeth. Mabye Mabel may pee or give Lee a pair of Wranglers and Levis. Then get strangled by the Boston Wrangler who somehow manages to wriggle out of the situation and Lee Harvey Oswald fries. That is not a new potato chip by the way. Lee Harvey Dented his hopes and dreams, that were shattered quicker than glass with aspirations. He couldn't breathe, asthmarations. He wanted to drive an Aston Martin, but had to steal Martin's Aston, which was a stunning revelation in itself. Like being forced to eat pebbles and Oreos with War Medals that were still col Dedals.

Doomroar responds:

Poor Danny was never taken seriously, vandals constantly changed his banner to read Imbecile Rights Movement.

Somme Say has stocks on the energy drink market, so of course he is more pleased than surprised.

I also said scary stuff once!(so that put the counter on 3) but my apathy gets in the way so it doesn't manages to become awful, horrendous, or bigger levels of shit, but they probably are.


2014-08-07 00:11:36

Not good, like a Hot Wheels collection, or a worldwide Cull on Erections. A sterilisation plot, all these steri lies are making me horny without warning to jizz on a whore's teats. How did this blog transcend and probably end with something about transexuals? Trannies into trance and drum and bass or lacy underwear. Its fun to swear said he who said Fuck, before he was run over by the 10 tonne truck. Life must suck huh? Not really, we turned a corner Muller yogurt. Then started making blogs or poking fun of your old self when you were locked in Doldrumania. with nothing except grease, grime, dust, trauma, depression and... Laughter! Laughter came along and trumped them all, da laughter superceded by using super seedy shit as subject matter. But who would subject matter to trauma? And why would Who subject Matter to trauma? Who is Who? Who is You! Before you flipped out and started flipping burgers.. you don't work there, you just stormed into McDonalds and trashed the kitchen. But since Wen was Chen considered Kitsch? And just who the fuck is Kitschlawe? Where did he spring from? And what does he bring to the table? Roast Beef -- Monster Munch! He brought MM to Pharoahe's lunch party? He's crazy! He'll get us all killed and be forced to wear Scottish kilts then get jilted at weddings by... Jill. This shit writes itself. Then sits idly on a shelf waiting for a release date. During an era when we're not living in a Police State.

Doomroar responds:

Wait what? so it was not a woman!? Mabel was a transsexual getting strangled by Boston Wrangler after peeing on Lee, is the time to flee away from this scene it is way too obscene, observe the seedy shit, it started to germinate, it won't terminate any time soon, it just started right after Pharoahe farted and leave us all in konfusion, but at least it was organized, not like the Police State, that was a mess full of these fez feces, which fit perfectly in their temples, no wonder they were called shitheads, how did this blog became so anal? at least the theme is not banal, we talked about life, abut it sucking, but not really, life doesn't sucks, it teases you, then fucks you with a fist fuck called dead. Its fun to swear said he who said Fuck.


2014-08-08 23:00:08

"they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces."
Sounds like the doppleganger from D&D. Except their not parasitic and all that. I suppose that adds a bit more of an edge to it. Japan has their horror movie formula down. they've got this.

Doomroar responds:

I wish for you to be right, but they also have a history of ruining adaptations, but time will tell, the only thing i can do is wait and see the result, however this movie not only needs to be good on its own but has to redeem the anime adaptation, because they already demonstrated an incredible poor judgement whit that, what has been shown makes me want to hunt the people involved with that anime and systematically kill all of them and their families, such a bad job.


2014-08-12 15:40:48

A terminally ill Final Destination. Otherwise known as a premonition. Crashed because the pilot had no control over the ignition. He was terminally ill too. I think everyone on that plane had Ebola, which they had caught by drinking a can of Casino Cola. The VIPs are terminally healthy.

The water crisis will have people's sisters crying. 30-40 percent of the world! (scary shit.) I expect to still be alive in 2042, lambasting the 2042 World Cup. We will still be here commenting on everything as we normally do. We'll be at level 60, I'll have uploaded Chapter 20532 of The Opus, and some more things that you want to see happen in life will keep happening. There might even be another Godzilla remake in 2042. GODSZILLA IN SPACE!

I cannot play Battlefield when I am still fighting my own war with motion sickness, which is a battlefield in itself. It's true, there is a third-person mode, but what happens when I get out of a tank? It'll start again... the dizziness, the nausea... OH the horrors!! I'll have to jump in a tank again really quickly, wait until the effects wear off, get out of the tank, try to complete some of the level, and then get back in the tank. If I can get through the whole of Battlefield doing this, then I might consider playing it. It will give me teh lulz if nothing else.

The illuminati going public within 10 years? I wonder who their leader is... Frank Maloney! Fucking hell!

Danny the Imbecile. He spits vile, which he collects in a vial. It's got blood in it, so he has to dial 911. (Scary shit.)

Somme Say's sister So Say is in this song:

Some vaccines are alleged to perform some kind of deep hotwiring in your internal system which makes you more obedient to authority and things like that. Maybe that is why I am such a rebel without a cause. But what about Mabel? She's Mabel without a cause. In fact Mabel has no maple syrup and is stuck in an unstable relationship with a guy called Abel who is unable to suit her needs. Or should I say.. his needs. It doesn't matter now though, the Boston Wrangler took care of business.

Doomroar responds:

The VIPs drank Casino Cola premium gold, so instead of Ebola they just got a mild case of diarrhea.

Space Godzilla? already been done! damn the Opus is going to be a long ass story, at least is a good story. Maybe by that moment Tom increases the level cap to 120.

Well the single player would be certainly unplayable, but there are plenty of players that have become vehicle specialist and a lot of objectives can be taken without leaving the vehicle, so you could definitively play the game without stopping driving.

Is always that guy!

But when the paramedics arrived at Danny's location, they were unable to find him, of course since he was invisible and all that, however a strange vial with blood was mysteriously floating close to the carpeted floor, it was Danny holding the vial all along, "Scary shit" said the paramedics, however they explained the strange phenomena of a flying vial telling themselves that: "it was all just an hallucination caused by overwork fatigue".

She is famous among all the corny English speaking people of the world! however people usually get her name wrong and call her Suzy instead of So Say.

Mabel a transsexual woman without any cause, but suffering from all the effects that came from being toyed by Abel, the Boston Wrangler was unable to allow Abel to handle Mable in such a way, so he made way into their hay and took care of business, they married and now Mabel and the Boston Wrangler have a Maple Syrup store, however it is said that the Boston Wrangler still strangles Mabel on their power plays.


2014-08-14 03:39:53

Cool anime!! Unfortunately I'm a bit turned off by anime ATM. In particular one show...Attack of the Titan looked great the first few episodes...then went down hill real fast

(Updated ) Doomroar responds:

Dr S3C you will need to try better if you want to troll me, if you read this blog you can clearly know that i am talking about the movie not the anime, because the anime is an insult in itself, a thing that should have never been made. As for AoT even the manga is not really that good, so i agree there.


2014-08-14 23:45:21

Seems like the world "troll" is thrown around too liberally these days...maybe I misspoke anyway. I know it's highly blasphemous (and viewed as egregiously stupid to a certain degree) within the Otaku culture but a casual anime fan such as myself groups anime/manga/japanese based art under the blanket term "anime". So I could have said "cool post in regards to the anime world!!" but I suppose that would not be entirely acceptable either when held under close scrutiny from an Otaku. IMO, live action films will always trump their respective animes when they are rich in sci-fi & action elements and less personal reflections about power levels from the characters (which typically comprise atleast 1/3 of a cartoon episode).

Doomroar responds:

So you call the movie adaptations of comics cartoons? XD.

Anyway i understand, but the reason why i assumed you were trolling me when you said "cool anime" is because the animated adaptation of Parasyte (yes written like that) at this point has shown to be an aberration to the original material in which these adaptations are based on, so when someone even if by mistake seems to call that thing "cool", then only trolling could come to my mind, and is of course greatly my fault for being so edgy about it.

I will give you some context:

The crimes of that abomination go beyond the cliche moments of filler that don't add anything to the story which are so common in the world of Japanese animation, in away the whole thing can be seen as a filler production.
This thing has its nefarious roots of heresy in the very process of defacing the original story, those processes are the redesigns that they are giving to the characters, the environment and aesthetics of the whole story known as Parasyte, of course these changes include the addition of (side)stories involving useless background characters that would enter to play more roles than needed devouring and hoarding screen time (and it all seems to point, that these new scrip additions will serve the purpose of lustful fan-service, completely devoid of any meaningful experience), this change to the original scrip can only become the horrendous latrine of a production that it will become the Parasyte anime, thanks to the whorish decision of prostituting a story, all of this in order to attract a more young and new audience, with schemes of friendly pastel colors and cute likable characters brought to life by a cast with a background on romantic comedies! (they at least could hire an staff who had experience with the world of horror and/or Sci-fi, but no, lets go with the currently popular voice actors, and with their tropes which make them disgustingly beloved by the asinine consumer of general anime) showing a clear intention of censuring and diminishing all effect that a faithful horror story could ever hope to have, and i don't want to even imagine in which ways they will violate the Sci-Fi part of the story, let alone how they will ruin and trash and completely abuse and destroy the social commentary that the original work had.

Sorry for the rant, but when someone takes one of the grittiest mangas ever drawn, and remodels it to fit into the castrated standards of our current times, and on top of it adapts it to appeal to the tastes of a generation obsessed with the cancer known as "moe", i can only feel insulted, like a giant turd is being freshly deposited on my mouth and smeared all over my face, which is exactly why i didn't want to write about that part on my post, but now you know, however this nightmare doesn't ends there, this whole ship made out of fuckery damnation would have never come to life without the approval of the original author, and to be aware of such a thing saddens me, is not the first time it happens, plenty of authors betray expectations with quite regularity, to the point that i should not care about it, however this is one of those rare cases in which an author agrees to the vandalization of one of his previous works instead of just venturing into making a new different thing.


2014-08-16 03:54:27

Quite the fiery deposition!! It certainly seems like you know what you're talking about and I can see that this issue is very important to you. I see where you are coming from, and probably would share the same sentiments if I was a dedicated follower of said original manga(s). However, when it comes to all artforms I'm a firm believer that there is no accounting for taste...someone out there enjoys it...the artists shouldn't be obligated to cater to a certain fanbase. It's best not to fall into the "grrr stop liking what I don't like!" mindset. To me it seems that a new anime was created, more or less drawing inspiration and taking partial material from the original manga. You cannot find complete fault in the original authors; some liked their work, and wanted to build on that- personally I would find that flattering, even if it could be viewed as a degradation of art within the Otaku culture, to a certain degree. With that said, I think there is some ill intentions on the part of artists who feel the need to use a household name to reel in more viewers, when they don't really plan to illuminate the essential elements of the original. At the end of the day though, such derivative works of art are just over-glorified fan fiction...and real fans don't pay mind to fan fiction.

Doomroar responds:

That's a great advice and i would love to look at this production as nothing more than fan fiction, even if they are throwing the name around passing it as the real deal and not an spin-off or anything like that.

A recent trailer was released yesterday, and while some things where solidified i was able to say "well it doesn't really looks good, but it doesn't seems like that much of a garbage as before", when i said that i understood, there is an advantage to my overly negative disposition regarding this series, and is that my impression at this point can only go up once i get to watch that thing, i mean it would take a lot of talent to make me hate them more than what i already do XD, oh they announced that the voice actor of Major Makoto from Ghost in the Shell would voice one of the main villains, so i guess they finally decided to get someone related to the genre, however they also introduced 2 more filler charters... is like a roller coaster that starts at bellow ground level then plummets down, raises a little and then keeps failing... really at this point i am following this thing purely out of duty towards the original manga.


2014-08-27 13:57:40

All that money paying for a VIP membership and they still ended up with negative effects. They were Very Infuriated People after that drinking session.

Star Wars: Godzilla Strikes Back, produced by the Japanese. I'd watch it!

I don't want to wait until my mid-30s before reaching level 60. It's a scary thought. I wish I had joined NG at 14-years-old.

The Opus is going to be longer than the Bible, but hopefully more relevant.


Maybe they should invent a character that is agoraphobic and that is why he can't leave the tank. Enabling him to complete the whole game from inside it. But really, we discover that the whole agoraphobia is a scam and he just wanted to stay in a tank, safe and sound, free from the violence and bullets. A coward.

Frank Maloney is everywhere these days. There are even rumours he will change back into his original 'badass' Frank Maloney guise:

Danny was Invigorated by the fact that he could not be seen at the scene of the crime holding a vial of blood. Which was vile in itself.

Suzy auditioned for Cold Alcohol 3 but failed to get a part. So she fell apart. Went into a deep slump and changed her name to Suzy to hide from the Gruel Whirl.

The Boston Wrangler was enjoying his life with Mabel, even though their relationship was slightly unstable. Slightly?! More like very fucking volatile. He would dunk her head in a vat of maple syrup while she was forcing sick up. While he was forcing his dick up her ass. But Mabel wanted it that way. That was until Abel and the Boston Levi turned up, wanting to indulge in some kind of wife swap swinging relationship.

Doomroar responds:

Their minds were raging! almost as much as their assholes.

I would have my reserves, Star Wars is owned by Disney now...

Don't we all?

Damn i can already see the cults, and the "Because the Opus says so!".

Then they put C4 on his tank and he died unable to leave the tank, but his team seeing how he refused to abandon the vehicle while in duty decided to remember him as the bravest hero to ever ride a tank, that way his cowardice was forgotten, or better said they never discovered it.

What a mess of a person, i don't know if (s)he is just a dirty attention whore, or if (s)he is being bullied by society for being a transgender, or if the unwise decision of joining a goddamn reality show as a fresh transgender is just messing with the decision of having a sex change and now pressured by the circumstances (s)he feels like going back, anyway enough of that bitch, whatever gender (s)he decides to be has no importance at all, that Maloney is full of baloney.

He died right there in that room while being all invigorated with his unnoticeable self.

Coincidentally enough the same thing happened to the whole production of Cold Alcohol 3, it fell apart, went into a deep economic slump and changed its name to "Suzy Hides From the Gruel Whirl". They then searched for So Say to give her the role as Suzy the main character, sadly they where unable to find her, after all So Say changed her name to Suzy and went to hide from the Gruel Whirl, which was exactly the plot of the movie they wanted to make with So Say.

Boston Levi was a levitating lesbian, but Abel wasn't able to know this, Levi was too good at hiding her levitation and her sexual orientation, The Boston Wrangler took a liking to Levi his dream was to get a good licking out Levi, they agreed to the wife swap swinging, but the swap got swapped, and somehow The Boston Wrangler ended with Abel, and Boston Levi ended with Mabel, that night was really awkward for 3 out of 4 of the participants.


2014-08-29 22:53:22

Their minds were raging, as were their hormones. Yet they remained harmonious like the Socialist Harmonious Society, by tearing up their VIP passes and opting to drink a different brand of cola, unaware that they hadn't unticked an Opt In box on the small print. Now they were contractually bound to drink CaSino Cola for the rest of their living days and getting diarrhoea at the most inappropriate moments of life.

Disney owns Star Wars?! What next, the Hostel films bought by Nickelodeon. I haven't been this disturbed since the female pirates started selling all-seeing-pies for high rates.

Imagine getting to level 59. All you have to do is vote on five more submissions, and as you click the 5 vote on the very last one, the whole site crashes and you see a message that says 'Newgrounds is experiencing some technical difficulties.' And is eventually replaced with a 'Learn how you can get this domain. See more domains like this » · This Web page is parked FREE, courtesy of GoDaddy. 24/7 Support.

The Opus will... quite simply...... be the only book that matters. *evil insane laughter*

Blown to Waylon Smithereens. Died in his tank, it's what he would have wanted. Or was it? Cha Cha Cha. Nobody could really say that was what he wanted because they had never seen him before... Or should I say, C'een him Be'4.

You just instantly anyone that enters Celebrity Big Brother is a freak of nature by default. And usually their career is either sliding down the drain, or they are in the midst of having a nervous breakdown. The public should leave him aloney, but then again, he shouldn't make such a public statement of being a transgender.

Danny died, and so his epitaph read 'here lies Danny Mortal.' No longer invincible, no longer invisible, no longer capable of carrying vials of blood.

Martin Demise wasn't even anywhere near Cold Alcohol 3. That was until halfway through production he burst through the doors and declared, "I'm taking over the director reins for the remainder of this movie.' Of course the actors let out a long and frustrated sigh, they knew what was coming.

Hiding from the Gruel Whirl wasn't easy at all. That thing had incredible suction.

As they were all underneath the covers. In walked Boston Lee... Holding a shotgun... No not his penis... A real shotgun... Ready to commit bloody blue moyder!!

Doomroar responds:

But the web pages were unavailable that day, so not over-sized post were made.

It was a tricky contract because the next can of CaSino Cola could be their last.

Paying pirates to get yourself spied on by an all-seeing-pie, on purpose!? disturbing indeed!

Wow 10+ years wasted on leveling up, i guess i would furiously spam F5.

The only book with matter? well nowadays everything comes digital.

He was invisible on the battlefield, however his tank stuck out like a clown at a funeral.

At this point he is just sensationalizing his status, or maybe that is what he was going on from the start.

Dying was a full 180 no scope turn for Danny.

Well that explain why the production fell apart and went to the slumps.

Nothing sucked as well as the Gruel Whirl, it sucked so hard that it ripped skin and flesh apart from bone, indeed the Gruel Whirl was partly an inspiration behind a very particular and sticky kind of gum.

Boston Lee readied his shotgun, aimed at the covered bodies under the covers, and then... a sudden voice interrupts his concentration, it was Babel! Boston Lee's wife, she had to stop him, she was not to let her husband become a moyderer, let alone a blue one, or any other color for that matter.


2014-08-31 01:28:57

This post is only going to be small. Quick! Get me my Dementia Pen and Lunacy Mask. *Inhales scented Lunar Tics*

AHH, that's better. Like a woman wearing a tight sweater Swalling ampheta...

That ampheta was mine!

Wait! What the hell is this?! A rival drinks company called Cassandra Cola? I thought we had seen the last of her.

DON'T LET THE PIRATES LEAVE THEIR BRAND ON YOU. What a minute, are they advertising against rape here or something?

An all-seeing-pie-chart. Capable of highlighting all the facts and figures and showing where things went wrong, and they had to sell their stake to Chang Wong.

Smoking a cigar in the dark, identity hidden with a silhouette casting over the character. Collars of the jacket upturned. "I been 10 years in this game son! 10 long years of voting. And this is how they treat me." *takes a drag on the cigar* "They throw me down the river with no sailboat." *voice gets even more gravelled, phlegmy and mucous-coated* "I treated that Fulp guy like a brother! Like one of my own family, and this is how he repays me. By crashing the site before I get to level 60?"

Everythihng comes digital, even orgasms. Paid for using JizzCoin. Paying money for .orgasm domains, whoda thunk it? Hilda Ogden?

He got neglectful at the very end. Started drinking a lot of alcohol. You could say he spent most of his time 'tanked' up. *Drum Roll please Clive*

When Frank Maloney eats a banana, an amazing transformation takes place. He immediately becomes... Kellie! And let me tell you this too.. that weren't no banana. *Really sombre music*

Danny's funeral was a sad affair. Only one visitor attended. A man that referred to himself as The Crackle. Somme Say he was one of those affected in the SCI I fallout.

Martin came back to work on the film because he still had unfinished business. That's an understatement!

Apparently Gruel Whirl was the brainchild behind TSGTWEK (the stickiest gum the world ever knew) A revolutionary new gum that the IBA would test in his upcoming yet long-awaited train fight against VGAD. Along with the Beard of PAD, he was tooled up. Nobody really knew what weapons VGAD would brring to the fight.

Abel Mabel and Babel quickly began to take the same side. After Babel had managed to stop Boston Lee from committing bloody blue Moyder. A new battle had sprung, one which pitted the Abels against the Bostons.

Doomroar responds:

Goddammit, time to channel some Advantage Doldrums!

Is it a turtle neck sweater?

What a relentless woman! indeed she was being financed by the income that Chang Wong was making on his side business with the Somali pirates and their all-seeing-pies.

"But is not going to end just like this, no sir it wont" said the mysterious figure.

Cyber-sex is on an all time high, and the Sadistic Community of Hell is playing on getting a monopoly on the whole deal.

Indeed being drunk and having an eye-patch blinding one of his sides, was not really helping him to keep a "sober eye" on things.

They were plantain.

His nickname was actually thanks to his severe cases of arthritis and osteoporosis.

"Has any of his business been finished? ever?" said Martin's lover as he was leaving without having or giving her an orgasm, it was the most frustrating and incomplete night of passionless sex of her life, and with some Jizzcoins on her digital wallet, she decided to indulge herself on some Cyber-sex courtesy of .

Both sides were strengthening their factions, while the IBA had TSGTWEK developed by the Gruel Whirl, VGAD had Insulating Gumproof Spray developed by TCHSFBP (The Crazy Hair Stylist For Bald People).

And after hours of intense battle, the Boston Abels were born, in the end the whole affair became a huge orgy.


2014-09-06 15:19:20

I surrender! The doldrums has always had a hold over me. It's like some MK Ultra type shit. MK Ultra just sounds like a new Mortal Kombat game made by Subway. The Ultra bit being the developers decision to include every single character that has ever featured in Mortal Kombat since the very beginning, hench the Ultra title.

... Or it could just be the name of some fucked up government program.

Turtleneck sweaters, scarves and full leathers in 90 degree weather. Front on me? Never cause we gon' be together forever. Right bitch? Right bitch!

Cassandra had moved away from castrations and into the Cola business. It was a wise move, she could not fail now that she had the backing of Chang Wong's vast trillion pound fortune THWDNSOHC (that he was definitely not spending on helping charities).

The mysterious figure was causing hysteria, he was quite shadowy on the interior. But what made him more dangerous was his new plan. To sell solar panels. Solar panels that didn't function properly. And he would sell them En Masse in order to create a global crisis. People would certainly cryoverthis.

JizzCoin. The new utterly untraceable currency for the Cyber sex addicts. Come see what your money can buy in the hidden world of the Dumping Grounds. Live Camel Pageants and Kellie Mahoney eating Balogna sausage. Scary Shit.

He was so drunk that he failed the breathalyzer test with ease. Or was that E's? They say he was an ardent Ecstasy user. And so was his old ex... whose name just happened to be Stacy. Dum Dum Dum! Bow Wow Wow! Chikka Pahhh!

The Crackle said, 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger,' after the hip replacement. Unfortunately it didn't, it made him extremely weak and vulnerable.

Martin Demise - Master of the Tantric Arts. A new book that he had released. Unfortunately it only went as far as Page 47, then everything after that was just a series of blank pages.

Martin's lover didn't know what she was getting herself into. The Sadistic Community of Hell gave her a loan to continue spending. But when she couldn't afford to pay back the debts, they wanted her to repay the debt in other ways.

And so it was set. May 27th 2015, IBA v VGAD for the WBC World Heavyweight Title Live from the Top of a Train. It was being deemed as the fight of the century, the one they had all wanted to see. The Rematch From Hell.

... Then along came the Boston Unables...

Doomroar responds:

At least is not named like the Street Fighter games, now those are some nonsensical titles.

She is no longer here, you have been talking to a wall for quite a while now...

He was spending it on creating dubious fast food business on the energy drink industry, but what he was really after was Cassandra's know hows about castration.

And they cried, they teared so hard, that floods of salty rivers flowed across the cities, powering a new age of hydraulic energy.

#ScaryShit @ Scaryshit|Dumping-Grounds/Live/sexy-scary-shitty-time/
They say that if you enter the dumping ground, and somehow your eyes don't melt, they will give you a free ride to the Sadistic Community of Hell HQ, or so is the word on the street.

He liked to use and abuse Stacy while on ecstasy to achieve ecstasy while inside Stacy. (Clive has been getting worse at this drum roll thing... what is with the chika pows?)

Life was never the same for him.

And out of the 47 non-blank pages 24 were illustrations of blank pages, technically making them blank pages too.

They offered her, more like imposed her a deal for her to work as one of their new online porn actress.

The Boston Unables were the really incapable hand picked inbreed drivers of the no longer automated train in which the IBA and VGAD would carry their battle.


2016-12-04 00:34:02

Street Fighter II vs Marvel vs Capcom Turbo Super Ultra Rivals.

She is here still, in fact she is the wall. It's what they refer to as the stonewalling treatment. *drum roll*

Chang Wong the new castrator? That's just plain wo... I mean wrong. Luckily, Cassandra had no intention of divulging her trade secret of slicing off cocks and balls. She would take that secret to the grave... along with thousands of pickled genitals all stuffed in jars and empty Casino Cola cans.

The New Age of Horus and his salty tear rivers. No wonder they worshipped him and his leaky eye.

To get out of the Dumping Grounds alive, one has to donate at least piece of 'controversial shit,' that others would be shocked by. The Dumping Grounds rely on these shocking donations to stay alive. If everybody would just donate some shocking shit on the same, the Dumping Grounds would be able to stay in operation for another year at least. Which is shocking in itself like when Du M. Ping leaked some pictures of a bloody bowel with razor blades sticking in it.

And the man fucking Stacy was none other than Martin ScorStacy. He sure liked to score with Stacy. Also weird that he's a movie director and his first name is Martin. Coincidence or fate? Neither or both?

The Crackle eventually gave up on life as he was sick of his ceramic hip popping out of its socket at inconvenient moments. So he did what any sane man would do in his situation. He tried to commit suicide. Jumped in front of a speeding train. The problem is that the train only caught him on his one good hip, so he needed another hip operation. It was like some kind of Hip Hop Hooray bullshit.

You could say that Martin Demise was firing blanks. "No you're very wrong, Nietz, you couldn't say he was firing blanks. He wasn't actually firing anything except his imagination," which was also blank. Those unfinished movie endings wont write themselves, right, Martin?!"

The Boston Unables vs the Boston Abels live on Cable TV. The Winner Takes It All. But what if this whole tale was a fable? And there was no Mabel or Babel, or Boston Lee or Boston Levi. Only the Boston Wrangler, who rented a room on the 7000th floor of the Cecil Hotel and he climbed on the roof and did one of those Assassins Creed sky jumps. But instead of landing in a pile of hay, he landed in a pile of Wranglers Jeans. Scary Shit.