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Cyberdevil's Back (2016) Cyberdevil's Back (2016)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Mmmmh yeah i think i like the original Cyberdevil's back more, don't get me wrong this one is good too, indeed it has more melodic rhymes, showing that your technique has grown, i don't know if you are following the drums, or if you rapped first and the adapted the drums to the rhymes, in either case it ends with a great effect that in the end is what makes the song, however comparing it with the original i feel it less aggressive, less energetic even, also some of the rhymes are kinda weird for example:

Don't say you've been diggin' it or in my head I've been grave(ly) robbed!
But I am BACK from: the living kid!
Back to fuel: my ignorance!

shouldn't is say: "Don't say you haven't been digging' it" ? and Isn't the newgrounds audience quite old by now? plus if you are back from the dead, wouldn't you be becoming less ignorant just from being alive?

Anyway in either case, it clearly shows that your skills have improved and that can only be good, more versatility and flow means a better ability for making more awesome drops.

Cyberdevil responds:

I rapped the lines first, and Jabun worked on the percussion. Took some tweaking to get it as I imagined, with beats to match accentuation and impact. Was considering submitting it a capella, but it's definitely better like this! Not as dynamic or melodic as the old, but it's not meant to 'replace' it, so much as try something new with the same theme, and showcase my skills a bit. :)

The 'digging it' and 'gravely robbed' are a play on grave robbers, and on people digging (liking) the stagnant life I lead each winter (also in previous line). The 'back from the living' symbolizes how I'm back from my summer up North, where I truly feel alive, to the dark, depressing winter and consistent computer routine with which I spend the rest of the year. As they say (and I play with in the next line) ignorance is bliss, and instead of rising with each revelation, I fall back on superficial routine accomplishments, and do the same things all over again until finally the sun, and warmth, and LIFE returns! Not that winters are all that bad, but that's the message. Self-realization: get out of the rut.

The 'kid' is in reference to the general audience, and a play on my own age/experience, so it's really: I am back from the living, kid. Hope that explains all?

Some lines are simple, but a lot of them are really packed with multiple meanings. Suppose they don't all make as much sense without reference.

Thanks for the review; appreciation! Honest feedback as always.

Between the Wheels and the Road Between the Wheels and the Road

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't know, it is good, but not the type of song i would play for when i ran over someone by putting them "Between the Wheels and the Road", maybe... maybe, it works for when you see that someone else has been put "Between the Wheels and the Road", and you are super desensitised, so you just don't care, and go on your way as if nothing happened, not even call the emergency numbers or shit, and then this song starts playing, yeah i think it works.

S3C responds:

LOL! Well, it's not the song I'd play either in that perverted Grand Theft Auto interpretation of "Between the Wheels and the Road". But all the same I guess it makes more sense than the intended personified, intimate conversation between a motorcycle's wheels and the road upon which it burns the rubber of the tires. Thanks for the review!

Venice Car Garage Venice Car Garage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Smooth yet quite funky.
Me gusta.

S3C responds:

gracias compadre

Midnight Haze Midnight Haze

Rated 5 / 5 stars


S3C responds:

*Austin Powers voice* yeah baby

Ten Years From Now Ten Years From Now

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Ten years from now the common banana would go extinct, and the world would be under a chocolate shortage.

And yet people will still be against GMOs.

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nietzlawe responds:

People are always beefing. Even in a world with beef shortages. The chocolate shortage will be the final straw... literally the final straw for drinking chocolate milkshakes.

Here, There and Everywhere Here, There and Everywhere

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It has this Glados singing like feel to it.

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Make Our Way Make Our Way

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So you are doing Hip Hop again, nice.

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nietzlawe responds:

A little bit of electro hop if there is such a genre.

You're Not Perfect You're Not Perfect

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Was that at 0:43-44 intentional? for a moment i thought something else started playing in the background, also at 1:12 the distorted vocals don't really do it for me, but then again that may be because i still have Blackened Sea in mind which i definitively like more.

RealFaction responds:

Sorry to hear that. It was all intentional. Ahh well yes this is what Blackened Sea turned into. Thanks!

NIM Contest Theme NIM Contest Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like both your versions, this one is more videogamey so it is more viable to be used as part of an ost for games, but the rock version has charm to it that is not here, mmmh hard to choose, i guess each one is its own thing, even when being remixes of the same song, i guess that means you did a good job.

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RealFaction responds:

Thanks! I mainly made this one to compliment the video game intro in the tribute video, but overall, I had a lot of fun just making it. I love making chiptune stuff :3

Invasion Invasion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What great track!

SeanSullivan responds:

thanks :)